This also seems to be in line with my becoming more spiritual and looking to become more faithful and learn all God has to offer. May God Bless you for your obedience to post this! Will keep going to the Word and now will ask God for confirmations. Growing up I was exposed to both Catholic and Buddhist teachings, yet never followed either one wholeheartedly. I have reached out to many but nothing seems to stick, feel right, or fit. Use discernment and receive his wisdom attentively and obediently. I’m expectant God because you are good. Synchronistic events have been showing up for me all over the place! (of destiny, influence and/or promise). I vave no idea what it means. What a faithful loving God we serve! My husband sees 161 a lot any ideas? Now I wait and allow him to do his work. Your email address will not be published. But God brought me through. An overview:  God is speaking all the time! Finally got answers to these things, i had have many of these series of numbers long time and was confused. A Few Examples of Repeating Numbers & How they Show Up…, 1010, 1212 AND OTHER ‘DOUBLE’ or Compound Number Patterns…. Jewish Rabbinic Calnedar begins in Sept/Oct New Moon. Numbers like, 11:11, 3:33, 3:11, 9:11, 12:12, 4:44, 5:55, 9:55, and other combinations I can’t remember off the top of my head. I see 222, 333, 444, & 555 pretty regularly too! I really feel that GOD is trying to speak to me because I not only see these numbers on the clock and license plates, but I can look in a totally different direction and there they are everywhere I look…….my eyes automatically turn to cars to see their license plate or look at the clock. An interesting note is that the past few months I have started seeing palindromes more and more as well, this morning was 7:47 which has led me to your site. I know somebody who sees his birth date (month and day) at least five times a week on receipts, car registration plates, digital displays, and just about anywhere and everywhere else. Importantly, always ask God for yourself what he is saying to you. I started seeing numbers last year. ever since I was little I could easly remember phone numbers and adresses and still to this day even though I don’t tAlk to them I still remember them numbers in general always interested me except for math I was not a big math person in school also by saying this I’m kinda shocked everytime in math class my attention span just went away. Some years back my friend told me about this site were numbers are being explained I thought she was crazy hence I kept seeing same numbers over and over. Take note what you are talking about or planning when you see this. But when interpreting their meanings in YOUR life, always tune into your own soul and trust your own intuition first. I am praising Our L-rd forthe messages read here on these numbers!

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