After the ritual, open all your windows to air out the smoke and let new, fresh energy, and ideally moonlight, into your home. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Full Moon, and to encourage you to take time to slow down and really enjoy whatever your truth may be today. Because the full moon corresponds to the Mother (at its fullest) and Crone (just after full/starting to wane), the goddesses associated with it are intuitive Egyptian goddess Isis and Celtic Morrigan, Mayan healing goddess Ixchel, maternal Greek goddesses Demeter and Selene, and Norse Frigg/Freya—to name a few. When this fullness merges in that fullness, all that remains is fullness. How do you nourish yourself at this time of year? Humans have been living by lunar cycles for centuries, and in our modern world, connecting to these energies can give us a sense of grounding and synergy with the earth and cosmos.. To connect with them, simply sit in meditation (you can also do this before lying down in the above moon bathing ritual), and state the name of the goddess you wish to invite and any specific area you wish to work on with her. Om. Keep an eye out for any fallen ashes and put them out immediately. There is something about the longer days, and bright sky that just nourishes my soul and being. You don’t need to know the answers, but it’s important to ask the questions. As you place each object back in your space, thank each one, along with the moon, for their potent new energy, and notice the shift as you work with them. That depends on where in the world you are celebrating. Full Moon Blessings. Saute for 45 seconds or until the cumin starts to brown and smell toasted (do not overcook). Naturally, this includes relationships and patterns that are not in alignment with our truth and highest good. Om. Syma helped heal my heart and allowed me to see all of my potential. It is said to help release negative, toxic, stagnant energies, and even get rid of earth-bound spirits and attachments. I would love to have you join us. We have been in between 2 eclipses, a solar eclipse on July 2 and a lunar eclipse today. Wash and rinse the rice well. I invite you to take some time today to tune in and reflect on how you are feeling, and what you might be experiencing in the multi dimensional level of your senses. We also don’t take time to fully receive the wisdom that is constantly being shared to us from the natural intelligence of our bodies and beings. Mix with the rice and enjoy. Gather around the light of the full moon! You can clap three times at the end of each intention to seal it in, or if you have a bell or singing bowl, ring it three times for extra blessings. by Asrael | Jul 15, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments. Add the mint/cilantro mix and continue to cook and stir until the water is dissolved. If you can see the moon from your bedroom, it’s actually advisable to do this there with a locked door! "El plenilunio marcó el inicio de la cuenta atrás para la isla de Fjalley". I also want to honour all of my Yoga Teachers, Chi Kung Teachers, my clients and all the beings in my community who offer me so much wisdom in their teachings, connections and reflections. Smudging is a powerful energy clearing ritual used in Native and earth-based traditions during ceremonies. It’s like nature resets my nervous system and reminds me its ok to play and get out in nature, which I do often, taking time enjoying the local rivers, and forests. Somehow it’s easier for me to slow down, take rest and enjoy. Take a deep breath and say out loud (or in your head) - “I welcome the clarity, strength and many blessings the moon offers to me, and I trust my intuition and angels to guide me towards relationships, situations and energies that will serve my highest good.” Prepare a big jar, a silver spoon, three lemons, petals of three yellow roses (or a handful of dry Linden flowers, or chamomile), rose essential oil (or lemon, or patchouli, etc.).. A full moon night is an especially potent time for a smudging ritual, as after facing and releasing what need to, you can ceremoniously clear it away with the smoke of sacred sage.

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