This is a recipe is taken from The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family. Offer valid until 28/10/2018. Expecting to take the bottom place, he’s ‘saved’ from that fate by Karen who kicks herself for putting the wrong filling in the wrong mould. Do not stir. When the biscuits are cooled, assemble the house using the royal icing as glue. Howard Middleton has the inside scoop. Ruby’s ‘pistachio is lost’ but the ‘cardamom is delicious’ and Paul decides the unusual cracked-texture of Briony’s biscuits is ‘unusual’. Whisk on high speed until the meringue is cool to touch. Once cold, place in the squeezy bottle and set aside. This is a quick all in one method - place all the ingredients for the cupcakes (apart from the chopped stem ginger) in a mixing bowl and whisk for about 2 minutes using an electric whisk to combine thoroughly. 100g crystallised ginger, roughly chopped, 100g unsalted butter, at room temperature, 18cm round cake tins x 3, greased, then base-lined with baking paper, small piping bag fitted with a No.1 writing nozzle. Place the butter, sugar, treacle, golden syrup and vanilla in the bowl of a stand … Place a sponge on top and drizzle with the remaining stem ginger syrup, then top with the remaining stem ginger buttercream. Karen returns to her Yorkshire school days with a Pontefract-cake-flavoured ‘school reunion’ chandelier. I’m shouting ‘Bake them!’ at the TV, but to no avail. Manon re-establishes a little decorum with her Art Deco creation – neat chocolate and tonka bean checkerboards hang around with timut pepper biscuits and cinnamon ganache. difficulty 1 hr 35 mins. If you have a less formal teatime gathering, you could easily halve the quantities for a smaller cake. Following in the solitary footsteps of Botanical Week, Batter Week and Caramel Week, Bake Off’s annual attempt to try ‘something different’ brings us to the first ever Spice Week. A number of exciting beauty collaborations have launched this year, including IKEA's affordable candle collection with luxury fragrance brand Byredo. STEP 8 For the caramel sauce, put the sugar into a medium pan. Place over a medium heat and cook, without stirring, to dissolve the sugar. Bake in the preheated oven for 18 minutes. Drizzle over 2tbsp of the stem ginger syrup, then cover with half of the stem ginger buttercream. Warm the double cream in a microwave or in a saucepan. Place all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Step 11Bake the biscuits for 6–8 minutes, until cooked through. Increase the heat and simmer rapidly until the caramel turns golden brown. Chill until required. EXCLUSIVE BOOK OFFER: The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family by The Bake Off Team is published by Sphere, £20. Prue surprises herself by admitting there’s too much booze in Karen’s cake and though she thinks Jon’s cake is ‘a little claggy’ she’s impressed by his ‘lemon goldy balls’. Step 8Make the biscuit dough. Put smaller pieces of cinder toffee around the base of the cake. With four hours on the clock the bakers must be thankful that their chandeliers aren’t required to light up… though applicants for series ten would be wise to start practising. Bake for 25-30 minutes, until risen and a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Divide the batter evenly between the 3 lined tins and level. Paul’s advice for the technical challenge is it’s ‘all about delicate baking’. Spoon 3 individual tablespoons of ginger-snap mixture onto the silicone mat on the baking sheet, spacing each spoonful well away from the next. Add the egg and combine. Step 10Using the squeezy bottle, squeeze toffee drizzle around the edge of the top of the cake allowing it to drip down the sides. 2 tsp ground ginger. Blackberry Pound Cake… Kim-Joy creates an ‘Ice Chandelier’ of Christmas-spiced biscuits, whilst Terry attempts to recreate all seventy-eight characters of the Twelve Days of Christmas. View our Facebook page (This link opens in a new window), View our Twitter page (This link opens in a new window), View our Instagram page (This link opens in a new window), View our YouTube page (This link opens in a new window), Sign up to pur newsletter (This link opens in a new window). Dedicating them to his six-year-old daughter, Constance, he decorates the cinnamon biscuits with pretty feathered icing flavoured with apple juice. Then, pipe an outline around the window and door, and pipe roof tiles on the top. Paul is less impressed by the ‘chunky’ appearance of Karen’s biscuits. He admits ‘I know I’m crazy’. 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Step 5Immediately divide the mixture equally between the 3 lined tins and level with a palette knife. Step 9Heat the oven to 190°C/170°C fan/375°F/Gas 5. Rahul has also opted for Swiss meringue buttercream in his Bonfire Night ginger cake with cinder toffee and salted caramel, whilst Karen looks forward to a boozy November the fifth, adding a generous glug of brandy to her traditional Yorkshire parkin. Chill for 30 minutes, until cold. Spoon the crushed boiled sweet in the window to make a pane. Cream together until smooth. Whisk to soft peaks with an electric hand whisk. Manon makes it a handshake hat trick and gets a ‘Prue pat’ too. Cut out a window and a door shape in one of the ends, then place all the house pieces on the lined baking sheet. No comments have so far been submitted. When cold, trim the bases so the pears stand up. 60ml water. Snip off the end of the piping bag containing the orange cream to make a 2cm hole. STEP 4 Fold the flour mixture and diced stem ginger into the creamed mixture. Published: 17:31 EST, 12 October 2018 | Updated: 17:31 EST, 12 October 2018, Dazzled by this year’s mouthwatering masterpieces? Then try making Prue, Paul and the contestants’ creations yourself with, these recipes from the show’s new cookbook, The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family by The Bake Off Team is published by Sphere, £20. Dan bins his batter and begins again. Step 9Mix together the syrup ingredients, then brush the syrup over each cake. To finish, press down lightly then lift the bag up and away. Step 1For the poached pears, place the pears in a medium pan. Remove from the heat and whisk in the cream (take care – it might splatter). By continuing to use our website you agree to our use of cookies. He alleges it’s a full-time job. Manon’s chandelier begins to drop biscuits on the judging table but Paul says it still ‘looks amazing’ and is ‘very impressive’. STEP 3 Add the eggs, one at a time, to the creamed mixture, beating after each addition. Step 2Make the sponges. Pipe over another third of orange cream and top with the third sponge.

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