If you're peckish after your visit, visit the Cracker Barrel right across the street. And of course, Pinterest! So try it! Well, we are quite traditional here: we do always carry with us a travel notebook. and orders a After he climbed out, he said, “here is ze dog, dry him off and keep him warm, he vill be fine. stopped at a local restaurant following a day "Vet?" -- KMMORE:This New Jersey sculpture garden is continuing Lucy's public-art legacy, Basically everything in RoswellRoswellIs it fair to call an entire town a roadside attraction? […], By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. on a five-state chase? "Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason." -- AKMORE:  Jackson's waiting just down the road, Souvenir City's highly intimidating entrance, Spoiler alert: The "mystery" involves thousands of ghosts, Public Glass Restrooms on the Square in Sulphur Springs Texas. After going over all the cost info, she... 54 - Well-known lodging chain Your email address will not be published. Pencils. You see where they go and I'll find out where th... 62 - Guest: Why did you offer me a piece Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. -- KMMORE:  Maine is one of America's great road-trip frontiers, The William P Didusch Center For Urologic HistoryLinthicum HeightsHave you ever wondered what sorts of medical tools man has jammed up his penis through the years? Da Yoopers Tourist Trap — Ishpeming, Michigan Photo by Bobak Ha’Eri (Wikimedia Commons) is licensed under CC 3.0. "That crazy little sun of beach." “I’ve got 99 problems. Windows that overlook… other rooms. Absolutely hillarious travel one-liners! And it's kind of incredible. This also might serve as an antidote to the whole "print is dead" thing… maybe it just needs to pivot to construction products. “Don’t look for love. You can learn about sustainable farming, play some mini golf, snack on some berries, and check out the offerings at the bakery tucked inside the dome. 32. Pop-culture characters from the past century leer at you with all-watching PEZ eyes as you traverse the kitschy, candy-colored wonderland packed with such wonders as a bench made of giant rolls of candy and the world's largest dispenser. It is available in many different exciting colors and prints that you cannot stop with just one. The tourists visited sites on both the Mediterranean and Baltic... Did I ever tell you about the time I put a busload of tourists from Prague on a trampoline? "Excuse me, miss," said the flustered assistant manager of the hotel, out of breath from running up the stairs. Resident: No, it's 66, but we turn it upside down to confuse... 65 - Teacher: I'd like a room, please. It's a city-sized paragon of Western kitsch. There's a ton of folk art, including the world's largest working chainsaw, a tableau of beer-drinking deer hanging out in a man-hunting lodge, lots of outhouses, and a gift shop with a large section dedicated to the hilarity of farting. 35. Open every month except January and February, with admission starting at $6. Make traveling fun with these funny travel jokes. Well, it is about the sightseeing gears and the whole tacky tourist costume that describes the label in a nutshell. Are you a vet?" 73 - Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip — Unknown, 17. Also, it is so much fun to wear on a Halloween day when almost everyone around tries so hard to look spooky and scary, you look effortlessly cool drawing all the attention in the room. But I am on vacation and I am ignoring them all!”, 36. Got it! Get the full story of this very meta treasure, This ain't the only contender for weirdest museum in Louisiana, Maine is one of America's great road-trip frontiers, Rockport's one of Massachusetts' coolest small towns, Follow your fart jokes with one of the best hiked in Da UP, Above ground, Montana's got a hell of a mermaid bar. The fact that many of the wax figures appear to be actual repurposed celebrity effigies -- look, kids, it's Clark Gable and Liz Taylor -- gives it a surreal, slightly hilarious edge, one whose mileage will definitely vary depending on your disposition or feelings about wax figures, fire, and brimstone. Bonus points for a Hawaiian shirt, zinc lathered nose, or camcorder. Just don’t forget to pair up your shoes with bold printed knee-high socks. McDonald's in New York City hot dog vendor and says, "... 39 - "And will there be But not everything here is static -- there are intermittent puppet shows and other live performances, and sometimes guided tours. We share exclusive discounts to the best hostels in the world and keep you in the loop about new, stunning hostels. I'm not shore." ), Long-Term Travel Insurance? The saucy shirt with a vivid pattern makes you look incredibly stylish as it perfectly integrates the retro vibe into the contemporary fashion scene. Strangely enough, these aren’t the only dinosaurs you’ll find in the town: others come from the International Petrified Forest and Painted Desert -- a now-defunct tourist attraction that offered access to some of the area’s petrified wood and fossils.

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