Mourning relatives criticized airport authorities for what they say was a slow response by firefighters and poor information from aviation officials on what was being done with bodies following the crash. Now 29, the finalist in the 2017 America’s Got Talent show told Timileyin Akinkahunsi the many barriers she’s had to scale to get to where she is today. I would love to because I feel that I would do well if I were in Nigeria. I usually ask myself “do I really want to forget it” because it is the memory of the incident that drives me on in life. But I am making sure to get that degree. Okwuchi survived the Sosoliso Airline Flight 1145 crash on December 10, 2005, which took the lives of  107 people. An unidentified woman is consoled by relatives after she identifies the corpse of her late husband who was involved in the Sosoliso plane crash in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on Monday. My mother is here, so we get to eat them all the time. With Billy Zane, Gloria Reuben, Isabella Hofmann, Rachel Victoria. The Andes Plane Crash Survivors - "Beautiful History" by Plumb - Duration: 4:17. estupido7490 7,470 views. For now, all I am trying to do is singing and performing. One man was asked to identify a headless corpse. Copyright PUNCH. How did you feel finishing sixth at the 2017 America’s Got Talent? Since surviving the plane crash, you have had a lot of surgeries, are there likely to be more? Regardless of what has happened, I still dream of working with the UN. The Port Harcourt crash is the first recorded by the airline. I am grateful to God for this. privacy policy and European users agree to data transfer policy. “I just feel like part of my life is gone. American Airlines Flight 191 was a regularly scheduled passenger flight operated by American Airlines from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California.On May 25, 1979, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 operating this flight was taking off from runway 32R when it crashed into the ground after the Number 1 engine detached. As a child, I always dreamt of working with the United Nations. Are there specific Nigerian musicians that you would love to work with as you grow in your career? Not at the moment and I am not actively searching also because marriage isn’t something one should hurry into. We’ll see what happens. My wish would be to be able to speak every language in this world. Personally, I am glad that the burns didn’t cause me a kind of disability. I wouldn’t trade anything for this amazing people I have met over this period. The pontiff “commends the dead to the eternal mercies of Almighty God and invokes the divine blessings of strength and peace upon all who mourn and upon all engaged in the work of relief,” said the telegram sent to Port Harcourt Bishop Monsignor Alexius Obabu Makozi and released by the Vatican. Nigerian embassies abroad too poorly-funded to afford rent, electricity bill, Nigerian lady trafficked to Oman begs FG for rescue, Maradona to undergo brain surgery on blood clot. But after the plane accident, everything changed. Pope Benedict XVI sent his condolences Monday to the families of the victims and offered prayers for relief workers at the site of the accident. Kechi Okwuchi delivered buzz-worthy mantras such as “Your scars do not define you”,  "Know yourself and know your vision” and  “It’s your passions that give rise to the vision you have for your life.". People are encouraged and touched by my story and message, and this is the best part out of the whole thing for me. Firstly, I have been able to meet with different organisations in the world and due to that exposure; I have been called to perform at different important occasions. Do you sometimes look at your childhood pictures, see how you used to look and feel bad about the way you are now? When some people see me, they hardly believe that I’m without any sort of physical limitation. You are a shining light in academics; do you plan to someday become a professor? Flight 1145 from the capital, Abuja, was carrying 110 people when it crashed while landing in stormy weather in the southern oil city of Port Harcourt. After the death of his wife and daughter in a plane crash, a newspaper reporter discovers that the crash may have been related to a nefarious scientific experiment involving children. I have been relieved from the trauma, but not completely over it. She performed Ed Sheeran’s 'Thinking Out Loud'. As long as I am happy and doing well in life, I think I would get to that point. “This is the saddest day of my life. So far, it’s been good and I pray I am able to sustain it for as long as possible. From the auditions till the final, it was a huge surprise to me and my family. I heard most of the people who work there studied economics, so my plan was to study economics also. I can make a few. On the night of September 19, 2008, a Learjet 60 business jet (registration N999LJ) crashed during take-off from Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina.. Four of the six people on board died in the crash. I love his voice and his style of music. If you are given the chance to make one wish, what would that be? You melted a lot of hearts with performances during the competition, you must be getting a lot of attention from men as a result, has that been the case? It was a terrible experience but I thank God for sparing my life. Getting to the final was like a dream come true. More relatives gathered at another hospital in the city, where about a dozen corpses were spread on the grass outside its mortuary. The last thing I remember was holding hands with my friend who sat beside me before everything went blank. It’s been several years since that tragedy, would you say you have fully recovered from the trauma? The incident is more like a blessing in disguise. I also would fancy a chance to work with the likes of Tiwa Savage, Simi and Waje. Actually, I have flown on local flights on my two visits to Nigeria after the incident. 'Saddest day of my life'Valentina Chigbo sat Monday at the front of a mortuary after coming to identify the remains of her 16-year-old daughter, Chinenye, who was planning to take her final exams in January. Dean Koontz's best-selling novel is brought to TV in this 4 hour mini-series. Honestly, it was shocking to me but I am so grateful to God for taking me that far in the competition. Eyewitness? "Sabi"   clique, By clicking again you agree to our The plane crash drove heavy traffic on the Internet on Saturday as fans and music industry insiders searched for news about the two survivors. Even at that, nobody panicked because that was a normal thing on air. However, if I find someone interesting, I would be happy to get engaged and marry. As time wore on, I realised that I needed to concentrate on one. Kechi Okwuchi is one of the two survivors in the Sosoliso Airlines flight that crashed on December 10, 2005, killing 107 people. Before captivating the world with her voice on America's Got Talent, she gave a TEDx Talk in December of 2015. Grieving relatives of the 107 victims of a weekend jetliner crash struggled Monday to identify the bodies of loved ones, most of them schoolchildren, after Nigeria’s second major air disaster in as many months. Now I have nobody to call me Daddy,” he said at his home in Port Harcourt.It was the second major air accident in seven weeks in Africa’s most-populous nation, and President Olusegun Obasanjo promised Sunday to overhaul Nigeria’s civil-aviation structures. Can you ever board a local flight in Nigeria again? One important way that tragedy has changed my life is that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet many amazing people from around the world, which may never have happened if I wasn’t involved in the incident. But when the turbulence persisted, panic set in. The way things are right now, I am in a place where if there are more surgeries that would benefit me by improving any functions that I am having issues with, I am open to such. It has been amazing. The only discrimination I get is because of my scars which is a different thing from racial discrimination, but it doesn’t bother me. “She’s not out of danger,” Etawo said. The official account of the reality show congratulated the Nigerian contestant, who had impressed with her powerful voice and story. What are some of the dreams you nursed as a child? Submit your stories now via social or: Thank you! I have been getting attention from every quarter, not just from the guys. A lot of people have had this experience in one form or the other but honestly, I have not experienced this since I moved to the US and I am happy about this. The truth is that I never thought I would get to this level. All rights reserved. Chigbo identified what she believed were the remains of her daughter Saturday, but now another family has claimed the badly damaged corpse, and its identity remains in dispute. The platform provided by that huge competition must have opened many doors unto you, has that been the case? 4:17. After the October crash, Obasanjo ordered stricter safety and maintenance procedures for all Nigerian aircraft, directing the Aviation Ministry to “plug loopholes” to ensure passenger safety. International airlines briefly suspended flights at Lagos’ international airport because of holes in the runway. Alaigba was the most seriously injured of the three survivors, with severe burns over 60 percent of her body, Etawo said. Her personal assistant  Bunmi Amusan survived the plane crash and got married a year later. But surprisingly, the people I get more attention from are the children. Kechi Okwuchi who graduated with honours and has had over 100 surgeries got a standing ovation before she even started her inspirational speech. The weather had been stormy around the airport at the time of the crash, National Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Sam Adurogboye said. Directed by Mikael Salomon. Despite the scars from her near death encounter, she hasn't let it hold her down. Do you have plans of moving to Nigeria to pursue your musical career? I have been involved with various activities to help others in one way or the other. Investigators examined the plane’s flight-data recorders, or black boxes, as they tried to find out what caused Saturday’s crash of a Sosoliso Airlines DC-9 ferrying dozens of children home from a Jesuit boarding school for Christmas. The other survivors have burns over as much as 40 percent of their bodies and are being treated in a clinic run by the Shell oil company. An unidentified woman is consoled by relatives after she identifies the corpse of her late husband who was involved in the Sosoliso plane crash in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on Monday. Honestly, it has been a bit of struggle in trying to balance my new life and academics. Definitely! Late woman of God Pastor Bimbo Odukoya was on the ill-fated Sosoliso fight. The truth is that, I never felt my voice was good enough to be on the television. I was actually surprised; I didn’t expect that I would get that far. I have also been getting calls from churches that want me to share my story to serve as an inspiration to others. As a little girl, did you ever think you were going to get to this level in life? Nigerian airports have come under criticism in recent months following a string of near-misses and an incident in which an Air France passenger jet crashed into a herd of cows on the runway at Port Harcourt. I would love to have a chance to sing with him if it would be possible.

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