The monitored values can be displayed in the main window, in a customizable desktop gadget, or in the system tray. So sieht die neuste Generation der Desktop PCs aus! Speccy has been reporting very high temperatures for me and I wonder if anyone knows why. Motherboard temp reported at 121C. Sometimes the motherboard sensor can report inaccurate temperature in BIOS. Too hot, too much trouble. BIOS reports the correct cpu temperature, but Speccy reports that the cpu's temperature is only 10 Celsius which of course is much lower than room temperature! The temperature reading labelled "motherboard" in those hardware sensor programs is actually from the chipset; it is measured by an internal sensor (a diode) within the actual chipset package. Tipp: Sie haben bereits sämtliche Ratschläge befolgt und trotzdem steht Ihr System kurz vor dem Hitzekollaps? Good software though cheers but temp1 says 115c. Graphics: 3DMark* Benchmark programs that run intense tests that strain even the latest hardware. Can anyone tell me why Speccy is showing such high temps with multiple brand new AMD APU's? By Your programming work is greatly appreciated. The main part that heats up in a motherboard is its chipset which bridges all the components together. Dadurch lässt sich. CPU-Temperaturanzeige von Core Temp in der Taskleiste. Which is why I felt like maybe Speccy wasn't completely wrong but something is messing it up when reading the CPU. I'm running an ASUS Z87-K mobo, and the latest Speccy build(v1.24) is displaying its temperature at 115°C. Ascend to... the PC Master Race. could it be that? Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:58 am So my motherboard … 1. Am Ende haben Sie die Möglichkeit, das Ergebnis Ihrer Messung in einer Log-Datei zu speichern. All rights reserved. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pcmasterrace community. By I didnt update bios because i dont know how. If this is an accurate idle temperature reading, that won't be a good idea. CPU reported at 26C, HDDs around 40C. Powered by Invision Community, High Temperatures Reported With AMD APU's. I just made a topic and i didn't notice, it was already posted! I really beleive Speccy don't read the good information. Das Freeware-Programm ist mit allen gängigen CPU-Modellen kompatibel und besitzt eine praktische Zusatzfunktion: Verkleinert man das Fenster der Anwendung, werden die Temperaturwerte aller Prozessorkerne fortan in der Taskleiste angezeigt. Plz help. All other temperatures are normal and it even says it the minute i switch it on. Hi pls can you advise me as i have a feeling its not really that hot. The bug is not fixed in version 1.25.0674. ill try cpuz link anyway thanks. always Motherboard shows higher values over CPU, which is not plausible. You can also update your BIOS to the latest version because sometimes a faulty BIOS may be the cause for high motherboard temperature. See everything laid out for you in one clean interface. Motherboard went down to 108c GPU max reached 72c MAX (mafia as low as 60c CPU max was 50c but roughly 45c Storage 32c Thanks a lot i agree with u Dr.shadows ps can dust inside the machine cause this prob and my motherboard is a Asus H81M-PLUS To much dust can cause increase temperature, but I highly doubt it would be the cause with the Mobo. No issues with PC operation. This question has been answered before, recently infact. The content is copyrighted to Akshat Verma and may not be reproduced on other websites. Can anyone help me or atleast give an advice what to do? I wouldnt be worried. But in HWMonitor the idle temp is … So here I would advise you to check your SMPS and if it is a inferior one then buy yourself a good branded SMPS or Power Supply. 14 posts hawkbox "My mom says I'm Awesome." i have messed up and done a trial of windows 10 enterprise instead of normal evaluation? Well, for me all temperature monitoring programs throw out a cold reading for the CPU. Press J to jump to the feed. Daher dürfen die vorher genannten Werte herstellerunabhängig gewertet werden. CPUID Hardware Monitor (v1.24.0 driver version 136) also reports 128 degrees Celsius. Temp 2 says 36c. 3.1. Regarding the temp, its just a dumb reading. Hop into your bios config and check out the temps on it (most bios now have temperature readings). 2. I build systems as a hobby/small business. This is one of the major problems that can cause motherboard overheating. I'm looking to overclock this board, which is why I'm monitoring temperatures to start with. I just saw this and got scared. on my motherboard, 118 degrees. Motherboard temp high? my motherboard is at 118 degres. Got the impression  temp-readings from CPU and Motherboard are mixed up. 118 degrees :( i will try to check temps in my bios when i come home from work. Grundsätzlich sollte die CPU-Temperatur zwar die 70 Grad-Markenicht überschreiten, allerdings hängt sie auch maßgeblich von der Auslastung ab. Copyright © 2004-2020 Piriform Ltd. Speccy showing high temp. Übersteigt die Temperatur den angegebenen Schwellenwert, schlägt er Alarm oder fährt das System bei einer dauerhaften Überschreitung herunter. Close. With the stock fan (and I check in my BIOS). but you wouldn't know since no official word from high has been given. Die meisten Überwachungstools bieten zudem die Möglichkeit an, als Sicherheit einen Überhitzungsschutz einzurichten. Handelt es sich bei Ihrem Computer um ein vorinstalliertes System, wird dieses häufig auch direkt mitgeliefert. Copyright © 2004-2020 Piriform Ltd. Im Falle unseres Lenovo Legion Notebooks haben wir leider Pech: Der Hersteller bietet kein eigenes Tool an, mit dem sich die CPU-Temperatur auslesen und überwachen lässt. Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Nov 29, 2005. Uninstalling and reinstalling v1.24 didn't fix anything, so I'm back to using v1.23 at the moment. If any voltage setting looks strange then reset your BIOS to the default settings. Die Maximal-Temperatur, die erreicht werden darf, hängt vom Prozessor-Typ ab, sollte aber möglichst unter 100 °C liegen. If nothing works then you can install a small fan on your motherboard chipset. The motherboard temperature is reading 128 degrees Celsius. After two pretty accurate Intel boards (MSI, ASUS) on my new Ryzen the BIOS reads a quite high idle temp - 45-47 Celsius while is arround 30 only in Ryzen Master. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I installed all except bios update because i dont know how to do it. Core i5 4670k / Asus Z87 -K Motherboard / 8GB Ram / 650W PSU. on my motherboard, 118 degrees. Einfach erklärt: Was ist eine dedizierte Grafikkarte? HW Monitor also shows very high temps as do most other utilities. BigChiefRoscoe, – So können Sie die Datei löschen oder verschieben, Laptop als Monitor nutzen: So verwenden Sie Ihr Notebook als zweiten Bildschirm, Anleitung: iPhone Ortungsdienste aktivieren oder deaktivieren, iPhone Einstellungen – wir stellen Ihnen die wichtigsten vor, Eine überhitzte CPU führt bei Rechnern zu. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, R7 3700x, Asus Prime x570 Pro, 16GB, RTX 2070 Super, ill write down my full system specs: cpu i5 7600 gpu gtx 1060 6gb motherboard: Asus Prime Z 270-K 8gb of ddr4 ram windows 10 pro is up to date all of my drivers are up to date, here's the pic of my pc temperatures here's another one: Posted by 2 years ago. For proper ventilation you should have a full tower or mid-tower cabinet with one front fan and at least one exhaust rear fans installed in it. Sign up for a new account in our community. It shows a temp for each core that are exaxtly the same as the CPU. I have tried HWmonitor and it showing the same temp. If you have been overclocking your CPU then I advise you to disable it and see if it lowers down your motherboard temperature. Recently, I have been using AMD APU's paired with Gigabyte motherboards and Corsair vengeance RAM, Windows 10 64 Bit, The APU's I have been using are: AMD A8-7670k, A8-6600k Black edition, A6-6400k Black edition, Motherboards used are: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H and F2A88XM-HD3. Liegt es an einem defekten Sensor? Recently, I have been using AMD APU's paired with Gigabyte motherboards and Corsair vengeance RAM, Windows 10 64 Bit The APU's I have been using are: AMD A8-7670k, A8-6600k Black edition, A6-6400k Black edition Any advice would be great thanks. Wenn die Temperaturen im Sommer die 30 Grad Marke knacken, kommt auch Ihre Hardware ins Schwitzen. Davon bezieht eine sich auf die Core-Temperatur, die andere ist eine Hochrechnung der Mainboard-Werte. Außerdem zeigen wir, wie Sie Abhilfe schaffen, wenn es im Inneren Ihres Rechners tatsächlich einmal zu heiß werden sollte. CPUID HWMonitor 1.41 is the latest version, released on September 06, 2019. See real-time temperatures of critical components so you can easily spot problems before they occur. ill write down my full system specs: Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. © Valve Corporation. Overheating of motherboards could be due to various reasons that I will be discussing next in this post. Besonders die CPU gelangt bei einer dauerhaften Hitzeeinwirkung oft an ihre thermischen Grenzen und kann so stark beschädigt werden, dass sie unbrauchbar wird. Your email address will not be published. Das kann ja eigentlich nicht sein, oder? OP: I also have an Asus z87-K and it keeps saying 113°C !!!! Causes and Solutions for Motherboard Overheating. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Temperatur Ihrer CPU unter Windows 10 überwachen können. A cheap and local PSU may also increase the temperature of your motherboard. Save Snapshots. I am convinced that these temps are incorrect, just feeling the heatsink with my hand leads me to this conclusion. In diesem Tipp erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre CPU Temperatur unter Windows anzeigen und überwachen können, was die Temperaturwerte aussagen und wie Sie eine zu hohe Temperatur wieder senken können. I build systems as a hobby/small business. I just saw this and got scared. Hi, thanks for letting us know. Check the voltage settings for your motherboard by going to the BIOS and see that everything is at default or on auto . Wie kann ich gespeicherte Passwörter löschen?

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