Hange finds it odd that Yelena had acted so ruthlessly toward Marleyans, yet had been very outspoken in convincing the military to respect the captive soldiers' human rights. Hange is deeply active in the research on the Titan race and innovative scientific experiments. Hange informs the two of the plan to join forces with Marley to stop Eren and asks that they also take part. [34], Hange finds out Ymir has the power of the Titans, After Utgard Castle falls, Hange and their squad come to save and evacuate the reaming soldiers. Pretending to believe the policemen's official story that Nick was killed in a robbery, Hange expresses their intentions to find the culprits and avenge Nick. Hange accompanies Levi, Mikasa and Eren to the Yeager house. This drove Hange to forget most of their resentment and insecurity, as well as taking an outside the box approach to Titan research and showcased their wild actions. [51], Hange, alongside Marlowe Freudenberg and Hitch Dreyse, later find Levi and his squad after they attacked the Military Police headquarters and Levi attempted to beat information out of a captured MP. To make matters worse, the traitorous Floch Forster emerges -- having clung on to the boat after they departed Paradis -- and shoots holes in their flying boat's fuel tank. Despite being disheartened initially, Hange decides to hold an expedition to Marley, intending to meet and build trust with the people outside the Walls. As Rod's Titan climbs up onto the Wall and kneels in front of it, Eren transforms and grabs the haul of gunpowder Hange brought, and uses it to blow apart Rod's head. Hange pulls free and leaves the prison, calling Eren a rebellious idiot. One of the earlier spoilers published online indicated that at least two characters will die and, unfortunately, that will include one of the fan-favorites Hange Zoe. Biological Information In episode 15 of the Attack on Titans anime, when the captured Titans named Sawney and Beane for experimentations were killed, Hange was brought to tears and had a meltdown with disappointment. Hange explains that Reiner and Bertolt came from the same area as Annie and that they were on the right flank of the expedition where Annie appeared as The Female Titan. Hange then tells the reporters assembled to spread the news to the people, and then turns to Eren and says that they can mass produce these and put them in every Wall city, but stops after seeing Levi handing Eren a handkerchief for a nosebleed he has. [52], After getting Berg Newspapers to distribute the truth about the Military Police and the Survey Corps, Hange and Moblit go to a stable and meet with Marlowe and Hitch. At an assembled meeting between the military, Hange passes on the list of requirements given by Zeke that would ensure his cooperation. In loving memory of Moblit Berner and squad Hange pic.twitter.com/xAHnIz6bnt. Hange sends Onyankopon out of the room to tell Mikasa and Armin the same. After the Yeagerist-turned trainees finish beating him, Floch demands that Hange lead them to Zeke as Hange gazes sadly at the injured instructor. RIP Hange, this show really doesnt care about ANYBODY lol. Attack on Titan really doesn't give a damn about sacred cows. After Annie is incapacitated, Hange stops Keiji from continuing to try and break open the crystal Annie encased herself in to avoid capture. And, sadly, the same is true of those desperately fighting to stop Eren. [48], Out of breath upon arriving at headquarters, Hange collapses on the ground before Erwin and warns him that their plans may be ruined. Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that is often kept tied up in an unkempt high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. Hange was occasionally shown pulling their glasses up onto their forehead from time to time, often to indicate seriousness or anger. Status Although Mikasa agrees, Jean is hesitant. Or maybe that's just Twitter? Hange then states that they are not to know that they are suspected. After a few chapters' worth of marching across the ocean, Eren's Titan army has finally reached the shore of the continent and is tearing through the Marleyan population. pic.twitter.com/y5MVLTe0Yz. [109], While helping bathe the Warrior candidate in a backroom, Hange hears Onyankopon call their name. Hange then confronts Roy and Peaure, who have been watching the encounter. Professional Information Hange informs the officials about what was discovered from the journals, revealing their role as Subjects of Ymir, and how they are being hunted by others due to once ruling the world and having the potential to rule it again. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Flying out to meet the Titans, Hange takes a moment to admire the sight of the Titans before engaging them. Stone’ season 2: Special episode reveals major spoilers for the upcoming 'Stone Wars' arc, BTS makes a new record on YouTube and Melon Music Chart, Princess Diana reportedly wants Prince William to be King and this was her dying wish: Report, ‘Narcos: Mexico’ season 3’s production confirmed with new drug cartels rising to power, ‘‘Black Clover’ chapter 271 release date, spoilers: Nacht to fight Asta after the Devil Binding ritual with Liebe, Netflix prices for US Standard, Premium plans increase by up to $2, ‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 132 release date, leaked spoilers, where to read: Hange dies, reunites with Erwin, From the “Attack on Titan” The Final Season promo video | Photo credit: Anime PONY CANYON / YouTube screenshot, ‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 132 release date confirmed for early September; Where to read the next installment, ‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 release date delayed? Hange claims that the people of the Survey Corps sacrifice their lives hoping that one day it will mean something, and because of this they have the right to know what they saw inside the Wall and why it is there. Affiliation [102], Hange asks Floch why he leaked Eren's confinement to the press, Hange later receives word that several recruits had leaked Eren's confinement to the press and goes to interrogate them. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Kofi Outlaw All rights reserved. Hange only agrees to admit that Eren provided no better options and that they are powerless to do anything else. [14] Levi decides to save Erwin and Hange takes Mikasa and clears the roof with everyone else. [114] When a soldier volunteers to shoot Levi in the head as a precaution, Hange responds that there is no need to; recognizing the wounds as coming from a Thunder Spear, Hange proclaims Levi to be dead after suffering from severe internal injuries due to being caught up in the blast. As Hange is watching the harbor, they realize that, based on the trail of steam left by Eren's Colossus Titans, Marley has likely already begun to feel the effects of the Rumbling. Hange knows this and, with Erwin's suicidal charge at the Beast Titan in mind, knows what needs to be done as the current Commander. 60 kg[2] Hange laments the situation they have been placed in, but begins fashioning a sled for Levi out of his destroyed wagon shortly after. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Jean then states that he is also a member of the Survey Corps, and agrees to join Hange in their pursuit. Sudden violent tremors signal that the Wall Titans are practically right on top of them, descending from the nearby mountains after flattening Marley's main city. One engineer estimates they need an hour to finish and the soldiers among them know that this is too close a call. That devotion has only continued into the manga's darkest arc, as Hange's quirky personality refuses to be extinguished in the face of insurmountable odds. Hange insists they must kill him immediately, but Jean continues to press the subject until Hange sends Mikasa to retrieve the serum. This really was an example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Attack on Titan Kills Another Veteran Character - and This One REALLY Stings, Attack on Titan: Why Levi Chose Armin Over Erwin, Asahi Wonda Coffee Combines Attack on Titan With YOSHIKI for a Monstrous, Animated Drum Solo, Attack on Titan: How Levi's Tragic Backstory Changed Everything. In this latest episode, we go all in on the IT CHAPTER TWO trailer and do a deep dive into all the movies coming out this summer! Hange admits that their refusal to act is what forced Eren's hand, but they also make it clear that they do not believe any of their fallen comrades in the Survey Corps would have been happy simply saving one island when the rest of the world was at stake. Kiyomi suggests bringing the flying boat to an island off Marley's coast, Odiha, where it can be serviced quicker, which the group agrees to. [92], At a camp nearby, Hange inspects Yelena's Marleyan weaponry in amazement and is shocked when Onyankopon admits that Marley is capable of attacking from the sky. Soldier Height Grade Human [45] Despite these failures, Hange expresses optimism that they will be able to get useful information about Eren's versatility and limitations. Levi orders Armin to care for Hange while the rest of the squad advances.[55]. Hange fights relentlessly among their comrades but to no avail. [78], When trying to think of a way to defeat the Colossus Titan, Armin recalls Hange stating that the Colossus was susceptible to drawn-out battles. Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that she often keeps tied up in an unkempt high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. When out of uniform, Hange usually wore a white button-up shirt with black pants, and occasionally sporting a black coat. Hange asks him if he no longer cared about Historia, considering all the trouble he has caused by acting independently of the Survey Corps. After Avengers: Endgame is there any movie worth seeing? She also led the Fourth Squad of the Survey Corps in the past who played a significant part in The Female Titan Arc in the mission to capture the Female Titan. Anime/manga Features editor for CBR. With guns pointed at the Corps, Floch demands that Hange take them to find Zeke, declaring that Eren has refused the military's ultimatum.

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