It needs to be told from the Word, and it needs to be experienced, and it needs to be seen."[5]. First recorded activity by RadioBanter: Jan 2007, His wife, Melissa, is keeping things going. Just got THIS in the email this AM. BBC Caribbean Report on 9750 kHz @ 11:07 UTC, 9. I have finally watched your Sunday service all the way through (From xxxx date) regarding “The Battle to Perpetuate the Legacy of Dr. Gene Scott by Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.” It is a blessing of the highest order to hear that all of the 2” video tapes of Dr. Scott … The Wescott Christian Center is the title-holder to various church properties and bank accounts, according to county records. OT: Dr. Gene Scott has died. Gene Scott was born in Buhl, Idaho. According to the Los Angeles County Recorder's office and North American title report, Scott acquired ownership of the building through his entity the Wescott Christian Center in December 2002. WWCR "WaveScan" DX Program on 12,160 kHz @ 1630 UTC, Hear the Echoing Voice of Doctor Gene Scott on both, Doctor Gene Scott on 5935 kHz [WWCR] and 6090 kHz [The Caribbean Beacon] @ 0930 UTC, Doctor Gene Scott on 13,845 kHz [WWCR] and 11,775 kHz [The Caribbean Beacon] @ 2130 UTC, Caribbean Beacon on 5030 kHz @ 09:22 UTC with Pastor Melissa $cott, ABC Radio "Domestic" Shortwave on 2310 kHz / 2325 kHz / 2485 kHz @ 12:20 UTC, NMG New Orleans on 4316 kHz [USB] @ 0930 UTC, Spanish & Music on 3250 kHz @ 1200 UTC & 3345 kHz @ 1215 UTC, Radio Norway International - New Test of frequency 6090 kHz 20/11 and 21/11-06, BBC Caribbean Report on 9750 kHz @ 11:07 UTC, BBC Caribbean Report on 9750 kHz @ 11:00 UTC, WWCR on 5070 kHz @ 08:01 UTC with Pastor Peters, WWCR on 4840 kHz "Into Tomorrow" {Tech Talk} @ 0628 UTC, WWCR "Into Tomorrow" on 4840 kHz @ 0600 UTC, WWCR "WaveScan" DX Program on 12,160 kHz @ 1630 UTC. country, just south of the port city of LIMON. Gretchen Voss uncovers the true story behind Scott's divine reinvention. CelebreDeath: Dr. Gene Scott (1929-2005), 12. ", by Gene Fornar » Thu, 04 Aug 1994 05:48:27. Scott is mentioned in Mojo Nixon and Skid Ropers' track "I'm Gonna Dig Up Howling Wolf" (Bo - Day - Shus, Enigma Records, 1987), as well as in the Netflix series GLOW. I watched his moronic TV : horse es prancing, no commentary except an 800 number where they want you : to send in $$$$$. WWCR on 4840 kHz "Into Tomorrow" {Tech Talk} @ 0628 UTC, 13. [3][4], His voice has been sampled into the Cabaret Voltaire track Sluggin' for Jesus. Portions of the Dr. Gene Scott Bible Collection containing Bibles, other books, and manuscripts, were formerly held at the building. It has 120 developed acres. William Luther Pierce; Kevin Alfred Strom; Ernst Zündel; Commentators. 6090 kHz = S-Meter : +10dB ~ +20dB with SIO 555 and Very Good Audio   . During a 1982 broadcast (index number S-1086-3), Parker spoke with Scott publicly for over 20 minutes, stating that before coming across Scott's television program, he had never understood or felt drawn toward Christianity. Dr. Gene Scott was the Pastor of the University Cathedral, the largest Protestant congregation in downtown Los Angeles. [4] Focusing on human frailties of Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles, he concluded that the message of the church (his assigned theme for the occasion) was, "the message of a Person--Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Canada, Transmitter 4 - East to The Caribbean, Europe I watch him and : he is a occult leader to me. This work in progress comprises every Sunday message preached by Gene Scott since his arrival at the Faith Center in 1975. Anyone else getting a kick out of Dr. Gene Scott's slow emotional meltdown? I watched his moronic TV : : horse es prancing, no commentary except an 800 number where they want you : : to send in $$$$$. Later, Scott was elected the church's pastor by a unanimous vote of the board of Faith Center in Glendale, California. In 1975, while serving his Oroville ministry, Scott was approached to serve as a financial consultant for the 45-year-old Faith Center church in Glendale, California, by its then pastor and founder, religious broadcaster Ray Schoch. [17] “A hard study of the resurrection of Christ led to a firm faith,” and Dr. Scott's journey back to faith is laid out in his summation under the title: “A Philosopher Looks at Christ.” He went on to complete a Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education at Stanford University in 1957; his Doctoral Dissertation dealt with the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr. His interests and memberships included: Scott was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, but declined surgery and chemotherapy. : San Francisco         Canadians are happy with their gov't health plan. >I find it fascinating that Harold Camping is so intent on spreading his >"ministry" yet sold KEBR (100.5), a 100,000 watt FM in Sacramento for >multiple millions of dollars. West, STATSIONAR 11 Transponder 11 - 11.0 Messages), THE CARIBBEAN BEACON - Anguilla, British West His SW show is on WWCR, but I don't know the freqs; just listen in the 7 MHz band around 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern) and you're sure to hear him going on about something or other. Powered by vBulletin® Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. EBAY again (own a piece of Gene Scott "art") rotflmao. Try Alt.Fan.Gene-Scott for some info. Both the building[13] and the neon "Jesus Saves" signs are designated historic monuments. 9. Perhaps the reason Brother Stair doesn’t like Gene Scott is that he has patterned himself after Scott and here we see that Scott was granted with the title that Stair covets – or they the same father. Areas - CA, USA, KBEH - 24 - Oxnard & San Fernando Valley - Melissa Scott (born Melissa Paulina Peroff), second wife from August 2000 until his death, successor of his ministry and present pastor of Faith Center and C.E.O. [20], Scott was profiled in the 1981 documentary God's Angry Man by Werner Herzog. 14. More often he would berate his audience for not going to the telephone to pledge money when he ordered them to. :o) KAIJ Dallas, Texas USA Program Content : Dr. euGene Scott speaking on the Pyramids. 12. In 1975, Scott was elected pastor of Faith Center, a 45-year-old church of congregational polity in Glendale, California. Christine Shaw, long-time girlfriend from early 1980s until 1995. [21], Samples of his speeches were used in the song "Put yourself in Los Angeles" on the Chris & Cosey album "Heartbeat", Clips from one of his on-air fund drives were used in the 1981 Cabaret Voltaire recording "Sluggin' Fer Jesus. It was rediculous, Pardon my ignorance, but on what frequencies and at what times, His "theology" notwithstanding... he plays some good music! by Roger Flournoy j » Mon, 25 Jul 1994 12:51:09. By 1983, this network was broadcasting his sermons 24 hours a day via satellite to the United States and Canada, as well as to much of Mexico and the Caribbean. I find it fascinating that Harold Camping is so intent on spreading his "ministry" yet sold KEBR (100.5), a 100,000 watt FM in Sacramento for multiple millions of dollars. Give me Dr. James Kennedy out of Florida or even Robert Schuller anyday. Anyone else getting a kick out of Dr. Gene Scott's slow emotional meltdown? [3], At their August 26–29, 1968 Council on Evangelism held in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott preached one of four major evening messages to a crowd of about 7000 registered participants at the Kiel Auditorium. Dr. Demento this weekend has song made of mixings of Gene Scott, 13. something new on the Dr. Gene Scott network, ROGER FLOURNOY, JR.---Since Christian ministers by definition deal with the, >I have my strong differences with Gene Scott theologically. It's, Camping's Sell-off (was Re: Who is Dr. Gene Scott?). 5935 kHz = S-Meter : S9 ~ +10dB with SIO 545 and good audio . Instead, follow the wikipedia link above for the biographical angle. This is unusual. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, he refused conventional treatment (opting instead for herbal supplements and relying on God to heal him) and it eventually took his life (oopsie!). This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 04:43. William Eugene Scott (August 14, 1929 – February 21, 2005) was an American pastor and teacher who served for almost 50 years as an ordained minister and broadcaster in Los Angeles, California. [8] Gene was a featured speaker at its 8th annual convention in 1970, and served as its president from October 1975 to July 1984.[9]. 6090 kHz = S-Meter : +10dB ~ +20dB with SIO 555 and Very Good Audio . [22] Williams had previously discussed his love of Scott's theatrical preaching on The Tonight Show, saying, "I take no medications, but I'm on TV 48 hours a day!"[23]. Brother Stair & Dr. Gene Scott. 12115 MHz - Vert - SR 22.425 - FEC 3/4. The site is in CAHUITA, on the Gulf side of the country, just south of the port city of LIMON. He attended Stanford University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education in 1957. It was rediculous for him to try to justify support for the war against Iraq on the basis of one of Daniel's prophecies, for example. Everytime I tune him in he's spouting prophecy, talking about divine inspiration for the pyramids, and quoting the Book of James. But on shortwave you can't see those horses! Anyone else getting a kick out of Dr. Gene Scott's slow emotional meltdown? Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. I heard televangelist Dr. Gene Scott over shortwave last month, but decided to write a separate article rather than include it with my other reception reports. On occasion he would smoke a cigar at the pulpit. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, Fellowship ("The official publication of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, International"), vol. Scott showed disdain for other religious broadcasters like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart, and bristled when people referred to him as a televangelist, preferring to be regarded as a teacher and pastor.[12]. She refers to Scott as her mentor. He taught at Evangel College (now Evangel University), then assisted Oral Roberts in establishing Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortwave. Oh yeah! "Here are some important numbers for you...", 1. Outside Los Angeles, his ministry reached listeners in more than 180 countries and was the first Christian broadcaster to cover the globe through satellite, shortwave and Internet media.

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