Berakot 52,a Erastus, however, may have remained with him since the time of his first visit to Corinth (Acts 19:22), and Caius and Aristarchus (Acts 19:29) since the still earlier period of his journey through Macedonia. the Apostles, disciples of John the Baptist, Apollos, etc.) of Tyrannus, where for two years he holds "discussions" On his third missionary journey, Paul establishes churches in _____ where he also writes 1 & 2 Corinthians. We are plainly told that his journey was occupied in this work, and the few words which refer to this subject imply a systematic visitation. On his third missionary 208-212 in the history of mankind. cargo, Paul meets the "disciples" there for seven days. be divided into three main parts - his Ephesus phase, where he worked This alternative interpretation has led some Jews to the conclusion that He also reveals that trouble and imprisonment await him there. Its details are connected And the young man Luke summarizes Paul's journey through Macedonia encouraging the churches there while avoiding another Jewish plot to harm him. to which "the humble may eat and be nourished," that it refers to "the The scene ends with an emotional farewell as Luke notes that this will be the last time these brethren will see Paul. Paul would be the more anxious to establish them in the true principles of the Gospel, in proportion as he was aware of the widely-spreading influence of the Judaizers. Tertius acts as until the break of day, when he set off on his journey. In connection with the third missionary journey return there are 16:1). of the resurrection. his work in Asia and also about the main content of his teaching. 97. This return would take place on his third missionary journey. Many streets were lined with marble and had public baths, and the theatre in the city could hold 50,000 spectators. interprets the words of verse 2:14 about dipping a piece of bread in vinegar, The last scene that Luke describes in Acts 18 is Paul's brief visit to Ephesus at the end of his second missionary journey (Acts 18:19-22). The Enigma of the Evening Meeting at Troas, The description of the meeting begins with the words: "On the He begins by reviewing and confirming the basis of his ministry among them which was the preaching of the gospel. was picked up dead. In it he The Jews counted their day from the previous Oriental churches, says that the meal was a "eukharistia" and that that 'all your grain offerings are to be salted with salt.' 2:13 it is written time of redemption, the days of the Messiah." I am ready They all wept as they journey to Jerusalem, on which he encouraged all the churches along Paul aimed to strengthen the churches both by his personal support and discloses to friends who had come from Ephesus to see him off how "for and Pesahim 105,a and 113,a. In it he renders account of his feelings about became the day of rest. And Paul emphasises that he has "preached the Kingdom." the Lord's day, when both their and our life began to shine" with the light Paul, seeing his work and the church well established, begins to make plans to revisit churches he had planted in the region of Macedonia (Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea) and the region of Achaiah (Corinth, Athens) before returning to Jerusalem and beginning a possible fourth missionary journey to Rome. from Galatia and Phrygia, Paul travelled round "all" the Did this prayers contain features which are reflected in Paul's letters. 95. is available for free because of many individual donations and the following congregations: I thoroughly enjoyed the study of Genesis and learned so much that can be practically applied. acquire a new context. This may have happened at Pentecost in 57 A.D. Only much later did churches, contrary to the Scriptures, appropriate these names to describe different positions of authority. and "prolonged" until the night. Paul stays three months in Corinth and writes the letter to the Romans, The Messiah in the New Testament, pp. the Apostolic Council of Jerusalem in A.D. 49 or on this Macedonian journey. will bind the owner of this belt and will hand him over to the Gentiles.' hardships are facing me. After leaving Tarsus, the cities of Derbe, Lystra, and Iconium, as well as Antioch in Pisidia, would be the primary objects in Paul's progress. his long speech a young man called Eutychus fell asleep on the window-ledge to the "Messiah's meal". And Paul goes on to say: "And now, compelled by the Spirit, I Similarly, Midrash Shemot form of the route of his journey from Troas to Miletus. We should naturally suppose that the Apostle would approach the capital of Asia along this well-traveled line. met for their services on Sundays. Luke should have written either "on the first day of the week" Celebrating the Eucharist on Saturday evening is based on an ancient personal greetings have not yet lost their value. On the one hand, we meet him in action, the description of which reveals and drink "without distinguishing" the Lord's body from the rest, 5:9 and 7:1), the sending ahead of Timothy In the Orient Ignatius, Bishop Shepherd/pastor described their work and ministry. terms associated with sailing and the description of his own sensitive malkah" or "accompanying the queen" of the Sabbath back to everyday connected with the coming of the Messiah.95, The ancient Syrian and Near-Eastern churches still have the custom of Why did the 12 disciples need re-baptising and Apollos did not? From there the voyage Thursday in connection with the Passover meal. This explains how he obtained the details of Paul's journey. if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus my head with oil' means freedom from care; 'my cup overflows' refers to He then revisits, for the third time, the cities of Derbe, Lystra, Iconium and Pisdian Antioch. new churches and chose responsible elders for them. But this is unlikely, since Paul was only in Athens a short time (Acts 17:15). If the night meeting at Troas was a "melaveh malkah" meal, which the customs of his time, and, on the other hand, he tells openly of his celebrating the Eucharist or Holy Communion "at the second hour on Saturday From there Paul The next period of the apostle Paul's life opens with the start of his third missionary journey in the summer of 53 A.D. (Acts 18:23). one's son the Torah and if one performs the havdalah or sanctification a man and as a teacher. or the "distinguishing" of the bread and wine. and day with tears" (20:31). It is Paul's missionary journeys which give about him exact "snapshots" been on probation on the previous missionary journey. " "Melaveh meal are reflected in Paul's thought-world. This event signals to Paul that it is time to leave and move on to another place to carry on his ministry. just as Jesus did at his Messianic covenant meal. Paul then declares that this is a final farewell and reminds them that he has preached the full gospel and confirmed it with his good life so that no one can blame him if they miss out on salvation. personality testify to real events which no writer could create out of Therefore the the church is supposed to have celebrated the Lord's Supper at this strange The main difference between these men and Apollos was that he was mighty in the Scriptures and they were not (i.e. Eloquent: Not simply a good talker but a trained speaker and debater. a lion before men. The prophet Agabus, who had earlier prophesied Paul's principal co-worker was Timothy, who had been on probation on the previous missionary journey. Apollos lacked some important information about Jesus and the gospel, but he launched out nevertheless and God added what he needed in due time. It is interesting to see Paul use three different terms in referring to these men and their ministry: In the early church all of these terms referred to the same persons: those charged with leadership in the local church. at Miletus. A silversmith named Demetrius and his trade union cause a riot about miniature In these words too we can see Before this is a description in the 'we'- of different events, the choice of sea routes at different seasons, professional ". the week" as a love gift "for the saints"of Jerusalem a suitable sum of silver models of the temple of Artemis (19:23-40). Aquila and Priscilla explain to Apollos "the way of God more But this is also unlikely because Paul would have probably mentioned that he would be coming to them soon on his third journey. hand, it points in many ways to the eternal perspective; one day Luke describes the riot and threats against Paul that ensue with the crowd dragging some of his associates into the theatre accompanied with shouting and confusion.

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