We were hooked to the drama and the romance in this series which is something we as Egyptians love to indulge in. Forbidden Love was originally long. The episode is so long, a movie long, but thanks to Youtube, I enjoyed watching it. I don’t think that anyone wasn’t following the show or at least have someone in their family member who’s watching it. By casting them as the main leading role the director of the Erkenci Kus series is quite happy. All the way from SOUTH AFRICA!!! I assured her that I watch romantic-comedy movies every other week and I’m in a good state. When our channel aired it, it had to cut each episode to 4 episodes for us to watch in 4 different days. Turkish series are Disney princess movies for adults,
We felt the familiarity in their culture, and we felt safe to discover more. Are you watching the new series Bay Yanlış!!? And each episode is 30 minutes long, yes, including the ads. Two weeks ago, my friend was catching up with me and noticed that I need a portion of corny love in my life. Žiūrime serialą online Svajoklė 1 Sezonas 2018, IMDb įvertinimas 7.7/10, Treileris, Įgarsinimas lietuvių kalba. The only thing that stopped from watching more is sleep. Easy going, light like any romantic-comedy movie you can escape to after a day of work. Watch Erkenci Kus season 1 full episodes. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions, The Turkish Series That Kept Me Up at Night for A Whole Week. Erkenci Kus series is now available for Netflix and MX player also. Muhannd (Kivanç Tatlitug, the lead actor of Forbidden Love) is a memory of the dream man a girl once fantasied for months. Keep your point of view coming, I will only stop if you did. After some days she finds a new job at the advertising company. My first introduction to Turkish series was 10 years ago when I was leaving my teenage years behind and thinking of myself as an adult while my acts were still very juvenile. This is the short storyline about the Erkenci Kus series. But the good news is, when the show started to get boring, I started to look for other Turkish series and movies. Turkey became the dream destination in our countries. “@type”: “Question”,
oh my god, i can’t believe u haven’t watched love for rent(kiralik ask)!it is the best!!!! This series can play the role of a very nice and young boy who is more interested in nature and his main focus is on sports and photography. “mainEntity”: [
That’s when the fun stopped, and I had to wake up. Ok, maybe not, I love this!! Even the non-tv people became addicts to the show. Nowadays most Turkish dramas are available on Netflix. “@type”: “Answer”,
Hi! I’m having fun watching  few of the best Turkish romantic-comedy series out there, scheduled only on the weekends. It’s on of the favorites yes! I was the son of a clan in Turkish drama Affairs of the Heart (Gonul Isleri). story (51 episodes, 2018-2019) Yesim Citak (25 episodes, 2018-2019) Ayse Kutlu (25 episodes, 2018-2019) Banu Zengin Tak (21 episodes, 2018-2019) Asli Zengin (21 episodes, 2018 … I learned a lot of things. Furthermore, Dilsan Selek the stylist for Demet, Öznur Serçeler and most of the cast did a remarkable job for us viewers to easily understand each personality from what they are wearing before they start to act. “@type”: “FAQPage”,
and I have only watched Turkish series for the past 5 months. {
The show was a major success which encouraged tourism in Turkey.

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