Discover how to reach your audience with the help of Alexa’s content research capabilities: Sign up for a free trial of our Advanced Plan for access to all of our content tools. It's a 3 unit course which starts next week, meets at 6pm to 7:50 Tuesday or 6pm to 7:50 Wednesday, and teaches professional skills from the sound of it. Yo ! Please listen to 2PumpChamp. A couple friends and I know the hassle of online software internship applications. I'm worried that if I am placed in a group and have to network with peers and mentors, I won't know what to do. Most people in my classes tend to have a come and go style to them, what clubs I see in the student directory seem like they consist of hobbies I'm not interested in, and I am not sure when any social events happen. An essential partner in the economic, cultural and social development of Silicon Valley and California, San Jose State provides a comprehensive university education. I was under major probation and after the last semester, I just felt like I didn't belong in Applied Mathematics. MyAEC Faculty is our faculty portal that allows professors to manage the requested Spartan Up! Updated Daily. I saw the future. I am now a Pure Math & Applied Math: Concentration in Economics & Actuarial Science double major (I want to either do grad school, or become an actuary and still be paid basically the same as CmpE but for something I like more lol). There are many ways to make money in this world! - Faciltated 25+ professional development workshops/year for 700+ students/year, yielding high NPS and increasing Braven brand awareness at SJSU. just do something and trust me you are going to meet SOOOO many people and learn sooo much and get to do so many cool things. Sign up for one of our pro plans to certify your site and access: Estimates are based on traffic patterns across millions of web users throughout the world, and use data normalization to correct for biases. I am doing well in my career but it took me a couple years of bouncing around roles in my company to be happy. give you an action plan to keep your site fully optimized for search. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Topics are based on engagement from the past year, updated monthly. Try searching for a popular competing website instead, and then look at their traffic statistics. There are many ways to make money in this world! but there is a way to opt out of that fee. r/SJSU: A community of prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and staff, and locals of Silicon Valley. The average engagement for articles relevant to this topic that were published by this site and its competitors.,, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Why not make a post on the subreddit that lays out your hobbies and ask if anyone is interested in talking/hanging out? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Registration with the Accessible Education Center (AEC) is completed online through Help? need assistance throughout the registration process, contact AEC by phone at (408) I sucked at making topics. Video Games, Working out, casual Swimming when the opportunity comes, playing with my dog, and watching my interests Interests: YouTube, Anime, Wrestling (the fake kind), and complaining about wrestling. A community of prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and staff, and locals of Silicon Valley. Since you work with one group the entire semester you become really close with them. It's a bunch of work. It saves you 20 -25 hours / 2~3 weeks of applying every recruiting cycle. until further notice due to COVID-19 stay-at-home order, but staff and counselors Get a free trial of our Advanced Plan for unlimited access to: Use these to compare website traffic against competitors, find gaps in your content and SEO strategy, or find sites that share an audience. An estimate of this site's popularity.The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months. Their capstone challenge can be a frustrating experience or a fun experience depending on your group. Felt lonely and graduation was coming up. There are many many ways to make money in this world.. open your eyes!! Share and discuss anything related to San José State University. Join this semester and watch how the opportunities are going to find you by the dozen. Lot's of cool mentoring and networking opportunities there for sure. I've heard about Braven from friends, classmates and a counselor. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Bebraven. I did it, I think it's pretty worthwhile if the units go towards your graduation and you have the time for it. Use Alexa's keyword research tools to: Sign up for a free trial of our Advanced Plan to access all of our keyword and SEO analysis tools. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Share and discuss anything related to San José State University. I honestly think it's one of those classes where you get what you put into it. Welcome to the SJSU subreddit. The average bounce rate for this site's competitors. They haven't updated their information this semester so I'm not sure what their deal is but this is the SJSU page for it: Braven is a semester long class and you'll get put in a cohort of 4-8 people and at worst you don't like any of them but you still meet the other 100+ people that are in the program overall. The competitors list can be found next to the search input field above. and accommodations. It sucked so I went out and joined some organization/ clubs and I’ve met so many new friends, people are coming to me for help and introducing themselves, they look up to me and I’m gunna do what I can to pay it forward. I stuffed myself with a ton of rice, macaroni salad and teriyaki grilled chicken and tofu today and I got to take some home. The Accessible Education Center main office is located in the Administration Building For the latest information on COVID-19, visit the Health Advisories website. Find what you are looking for. If you have questions or These keywords include certain phrases commonly associated with purchases. An estimate of how difficult it is to rank highly for this keyword in organic search. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.This chart shows the Alexa Rank trend for this site over a trailing 90 day period. Nier, Yakuza, and wrestling. Average time in minutes and seconds that a visitor spends on this site each day. Looking at your post history, seems like we have the same interest. Which one of these classes is probably easier online, or conversely, harder in person? Not gonna get good grades due to a lack of passion = probably suck at you major come graduation B. Top topics by total engagement amongst this site and it's competitors. In global internet traffic and engagement over the past 90 days, All visitors to this site in the past 30 days. The score ranges from 1 (least popular) to 100 (most popular). educational development and success of student with disabilities. Also referred to as 'Sites Linking In', this is the number of sites linking to that Alexa's web crawl has found. identify the sites and topics your audience cares about most. Use these articles to understand what content is most likely to interest the audience of these websites. :) Similar salary top ends too ($$), but I know I'll rise through the ranks quicker there and reach the top end faster than I would in CmpE. There are many ways to make money in this world! Chapter 1: Reddit 1.1 Description of Founded in 2005, is a popular website that has over 36 million user accounts from over 215 different countries and has around 200 million unique monthly visits [1]. Total Engagement = (Twitter retweets + replies + likes) + (Reddit comments + voting activity). In my three years of being hear, I have struggled with this and it kind of stresses me out. Our peer educators understand the challenges you may be facing—and are here to help! Topics that this site and its competitors published articles on that were mentioned in public Twitter or Reddit posts. ensure access, provide support, and promote inclusiveness throughout campus. Is Braven (SCI 75/125) good? This site does not rank for these popular keywords, but they could if they wanted to. You just gotta put yourself out there and smile! Press J to jump to the feed. in person, visit the kiosk available at the main office. But how do you get ahead of the competition when they are working to do the same? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Percentage of visits to the site that consist of a single pageview. Please listen to 2PumpChamp. So I'ma be honest, I suck at making friends. Social engagement based on the past year, updated monthly. Do you know if the capstone differs between 75 and 125? The competitors list can be found next to the search input field above. Get free, customized ideas to outsmart competitors and take your search marketing results to the next level with Alexa's Site Overview tool. Also, if you’re in it for the money, there are many more options to choose from. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Talk about how much you miss Taco Bell. A grade of C or better (C- not accepted) is required to meet graduation requirement. Share and discuss anything related … If you think you need help with networking, improving your team skills and becoming more professional, then I would recommend it 100%. The score ranges from 1 (least traffic) to 100 (most traffic). Share and discuss anything related to San José State University. The number of times that this article was shared on Twitter or posted on Reddit: (Twitter tweets + retweets) + Reddit posts. They're both more broad "career accelerator" courses and you just meet cool people who like to do well in school and work hard. Get involved. There’s tons of that once you get involved. Sites that share the same visitors and search keywords with this site, sorted by most overlap to least overlap. Just get involved and commit to your club/organization. Press J to jump to the feed. Benchmark and track your performance relative to your competitors. Tech grad and didn’t do exceptionally well for lack of interest. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Software Engineering- Fall 2023, Wumbology Minor, First Day of Fall Instruction – Classes Begin, Last Day to Drop Courses Without an Entry on Student's Permanent Record, Study/Conference Day (no classes or exams), Grades Due From Faculty - End of Fall Semester. Top articles by total engagement amongst this site and its competitors. COVID-19 ALERT: LIBRARY SERVICES AND RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE! San José State University Powering Silicon Valley, PLACEHOLDER-FOR-XSL:VALUE-OF(SITE-TITLE) on Facebook, PLACEHOLDER-FOR-XSL:VALUE-OF(SITE-TITLE) on YouTube, Forms and Guidelines for Disability Documentation, Faculty COVID-19 Accessibility Instructions, Poster Series: Distinguished People with Disabilit, Faculty COVID-19 Accessibility Instructions, Poster Series: Distinguished People with Disabilities, Current Student with Prescribed Accommodations FAQ, Emergency Prepardness for Persons with Disabilit, How to Forward SJSU email to preferred personal email.

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