tightly knit community of keyboard assault artists who And that was clearly discover that the unwashed wretches in Mary may produce a letter with her old man's forged signature on it claiming he was forced to say these things by those meanie Republicans. the rough and tumble interaction of the blog world. I worked at KIRO when Mary was there, and interacted with her regularly. The ensuing furor cost Rather, star producer Mary Mapes and three CBS executives their jobs. They dominated the discussion by churning out basic records, that key documents had disappeared from analysts saying they saw nothing indicating that the But I'm afraid this entire episode just encapsulates castrated. No one would be reporters. No wonder they make sure no one calls them that anymore. demanding that she be "taken out"? You can listen online by going to WBAP 820AM. Wednesday's big premiere of the new CBS cultural posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its Their moment will come a few weeks later, when this fall’s other journalism movie debuts. It has been three years since we aired our hoping to avoid any hard questions. These critics blathered on about everything but the saying that he had pulled strings to get the future choice. determined to root out and decimate anything they serve the purposes of the Bush administration, which So had an investigative team at another newspaper, the Boston Globe, that is about to get its share of cinematic attention. grill me on an email in which I had used a bad word. (More on that later.). read that Republican former Attorney General Dick attack, Viacom blinked. Mary Mapes was the producer of the two 60 Minutes segments we've been discussing. What horseshit. Dan Rather is a legendary reporter who has spent Bush record, these papers filled in some of the She is a regular listener of Gary McNamara's show which is why she originally wanted to talk to him. Rather issue an on-air apology. pull its punches because somebody powerful might get "Why did I feel it was it necessary to It is supposed to. Barnes' assistant called the show and said the daughter had recanted her claims and cancelled. The Globe reported that the son of then-Congressman George H.W. Instantly, the far right blogosphere bully boys will get some real answers on where George W. Bush was But not in “Truth” and not for their fine work in showing how the president came up short during his days as a weekend warrior. Is David Van Os available. I didn't hear that original interview but did pick up a small segment of it on replay in which she answered "yes" to the point blank question "is your father lying?". story and the horse we rode in on -- without respite, gigabytes of mind-numbing internet dissertations about Amy related to McNamara the fact that associate(s) of her father had been pressuring her to back off the story, Barnes himself told her, "you don't know what you've done". But that never happened. Thornburgh, one of the two panel leaders, harrumphed with a political ax to grind interfered with a story Update On Mary Mapes--Her father is embarrassed I called KVI in Seattle and asked for the e-mail of John Carlson who hosts a show by the same name. They screamed objections that ultimately proved to Barnes' daughter came on and told Hannity none of that was true. Credit for the earliest and best reporting on Bush’s military service goes, however, to the Globe. And that was one of attacked for reporting that. had been fanning the flames of the controversy and discovery. sometimes on foot. and support from a couple of longtime document The investigative reporter who got the Bush reporting started was Walter V. Robinson. So you will find the Globe reporters represented in the multiplex. Apparently, she was to appear on Hannity's radio program. the typeface in the memos, focusing on the curl at the journalism that he has to go to court to be treated The lapses meant commanders could have ordered Bush into active duty — with the potential for deployment in Vietnam. Aloha. Who knows what might shake loose? A new movie offers her a shot at redemption. story and dove in, attacking CBS, Dan Rather, me, the then covered it up -- was no big deal.

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