Usually doing 3 or 4 a day. The EITE team has been around since ~2011. Check out the free trial on Capstone Learning’s website to check out for yourself! Bottom Line: If you just want to go straight to the source and practice FE exams, NCEES is the place for you. So don't feel bad if you don't get to them all. We take immense pride in our product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The key to passing the FE exam is to be familiar and proficient with questions and concepts you will see on the exam. These complementary features add up to a high score on exam day. It will be presented in modules corresponding to the FE topics, particularly those in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. I would much rather do questions and have a step by step answers. We are constantly adding new material and also updating existing material based on user feedback. Our FE exam prep courses include comprehensive lectures, practice problem and solution sheets, access to our FE exam practice portal, and more! Also you'll see some resources that host a generic review class to cover all disciplines. Although Civil Engineering Academy offers lots of features that you can find in traditional FE exam prep courses, they also provide enrolled students with unconventional study materials. I know very little about this team and there isn't much for reviews online. We have removed irrelevant problems and added a lot more new ones. I had purchased a few months of PrepFE. course is getting a lot of attention and also has a paid version. The FE practice exam contains 100 questions, as well as solutions. Each teacher is an experienced professional in their field and have taught courses for many years. I was hesitant to include this provider as some reviews speak very poorly of them: Here's a collection of the FE exam resources that are available, some are free, some are from commercial providers, universities and engineering societies. 39 FE Exam Prep Resources [Free and Paid] Here's a collection of the FE exam resources that are available, some are free, some are from commercial providers, universities and engineering societies. If you’re unsure whether or not Civil Engineering Academy will actually be able to help you pass the FE exam, they do offer a 15-day money back guarantee. This is a pretty egregious omission that makes it difficult for some students to justify taking the plunge. You can contact a certified exam instructor anytime during your studies, taking away the stress of getting stuck on certain concepts. Additionally, their private support group is a great way to collaborate with fellow students, and you can get a full refund if you don’t like it after a 2-week trial. However, NCEES could be a great addition to another review course or additional study material! The layout was simple and effective. There is also a group sign up discount if you know others that are studying for the FE Exam. This is a very well organized course with a missive collection of videos and problems. Your Capstone Learning course will give you just what you need to pass the exam: nothing more. Starting in early 2014, there are only discipline specific exams so you'll see some resources that have not updated. No extra information that won’t even be tested on the FE exam: If you are a student that likes to just practice, practice, practice when getting ready for a test, then this would be a great FE prep course for you. CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA® Institute.). You will have access to student support that is quick to respond and the ability to organize your study plan at your own pace. PrepFE was awesome and an easy tool to use that helped immensely in my studying. You will certainly be getting your money’s worth as well as everything you need to pass the FE exam. It provides problems similar to what I encountered on the FE. I used it for about a month before my test and it was so helpful. Alongside detailed lecture content are several practice questions in order to reinforce your knowledge and memory of these concepts. Our FE exam prep materials are available in easy-to-use eLearning platform and they are the most accurate, up-to-date exam contents. This has mostly to do with the versatility they provide students when it comes to study materials, including their substantial library of video content. The original 45 videos must be downloaded but Joseph de la Fuente uploaded them to YouTube. Bottom Line: It’s tough to pass the entire FE exam, especially if you have been away from school for a while. $850 live class early bird, $1,350 live class regular. Sign up, get started practicing for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, and earn your EIT. It’s tricky to fit studying into your busy schedule, so PPI2Pass offers convenient scheduling and risk free enrollment options that make it easy to do FE exam practice. FE Civil, FE Electrical and Computer, FE Mechanical, FE Other Disciplines, Free for students only (as far as we can tell), FE Chemical, FE Civil, FE Electrical and Computer, FE Mechanical, FE Other Disciplines. But it’s much more difficult if you’ve been out of school for a while. Use the PrepFE dashboard to stay organized and on top of your FE exam studies.

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