Alan Lowe is a candidate for Palm Coast Mayor running against John Brady, Donald Greene, incumbent Milissa Holland and Michael Schottey. Where do you stand on either new tax becoming part of Palm Coast’s taxing structure? Gail L. Coniglio, Mayor. Palm Coast Mayor John Brady Don Greene Milissa Holland Alan Lowe Michael Schottey Palm Coast City Council Lou Salvagio (Dist. 1. Murica!! But what the Hell were you thinking? Of the remaining $5,890 Lowe has reported raised thus far, 95% is from residents and businesses in Flagler County. For further information please contact the Office of the CEO on 07 47700 200. "I have never heard of William Jones," Holland wrote. "My understanding is many business leaders contribute to organizations that support pro-business candidates," Holland wrote in the text, "and those same people have seen what I have done for Palm Coast over the past four years and have decided to support my re-election.". Another RINO from the FAKE Trump Club trying to build a SWAMP in Palm Coast! As of this writing, the city, unlike a growing list of local governments across Florida, has not mandated the use of masks in public places, though it’s in the council’s power to do so. McLaughlin Media did not return a call from The News-Journal seeking comment. How can he justify ignoring all the damage he has done to the people of this town while claiming he wants to represent them!? Tell us how you’d vote on a mask mandate, and explain your answer, citing appropriate authorities. This is a non-partisan, at-large election. Yet, she continues to put forth that she is “licensed”. Lowe, has raised $17,590, and more than half of that — $11,700 — came from Lowe himself, according to contributions records from the Flagler County Supervisor of Elections. Ask him if, and how long he was incarcerated on the Island of Dominica for theft and fraud. And Councilman Jack Howell has resigned, requiring a special election in conjunction with November’s election. Palm Coast has had many difficult issues facing us over the years but Mr. Lowe is a disaster on a whole different level. Everyone… please just delete him from your ballot. Your email address will not be published. Community Update - Council Repair & Reform Plan Find out more. Evaluate the city’s response to the coronavirus emergency. 12. But he did steal the questions and post them illegally on a social media platform, even though our letter to him with the questions stated specifically that “The Live Interview is copyrighted material.” (Candidates must contact the editor to get permission to repost.) All told, Jones — who also did not return a phone call — chairs 70 different PACs in the state, according to records from the division of elections. They’re paid $9,600 a year, $11,400 for the mayor, not including a monthly “telecommunications” allowance. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 10. Why does this guy think we’re are all that stupid? Thanks to those conversations I have received additional campaign support.". I was really leaning towards Lowe but I think I might have to rethink that. Undocumented claims are edited out. John Brady | Don Greene | Milissa Holland | Michael Schottey. Just in the last 10 years, Palm Coast has grown by 15,000 people, but it has grown older, with people 65 and older representing nearly 28 percent of the population, up from 23 percent in 2010. The reality is the the people of Flagler County from all walks of life and political leanings read news on this site. For further information please contact the Office of the CEO on 07 47700 200. Alan Lowe 4 Mayor website says “I believe in transparency…” Really!? Councillors have been allocated portfolios of Council business for the period April 2020 – March 2024. 8. Ask him how much he had to pay the IRS back in 1994? Holland, who spoke out for unity after Black man George Floyd’s death in Minnesota at the hands of police, said she would have the controversial picture removed from the ad. Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council keep an ongoing register of interests available to the public. Alternately, what would you do to reverse the trend, if you’re more interested in broadening the working-age population base? Failed Helmet dive in St. Augustine?

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