The faculty member then publishes the paper under his or her name and includes an acknowledgement of the graduate student for his or her assistance. No. Analyses of scale ratings by participant demographics yielded some interesting results including: a tendency for women to be more averse to questionable tactics than men; a greater willingness for self‐rated ‘competitive’ individuals to endorse such tactics; and differences in willingness to endorse tactics according to variables such as undergraduate major, years of work experience, and nationality. and made some tentative proposals of semantic universals applicable to this field. There was almost as much agreement (79.4%) among respondents regarding the unethicalness of an author eliminating part of a study’s results from a manuscript because he or she was told to do so by the pharmaceutical company that funded the study (Table 3). Tell us what you think about », Get the latest news and education delivered to your inbox,, Everett, Price, Bedell, & Telljohann, 1997, The Value of Peer Mentorship as an Educational Strategy in Nursing, The Nursing Shortage and the Future of Nursing Education Is in Our Hands, Integrating the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Clinical Judgment Model Into Nursing Educational Frameworks, Number of years taught at the college level, Published research in peer-reviewed professional journals, Presentation of original research at professional nursing conferences, Formal teaching of research ethics to graduate nursing students, Perception of formal educational preparation related to ethical issues and nursing. Increased awareness could be developed if faculty members were required to maintain accountability to the institution in which they are employed, as well as to the students they teach. How did these “ethically questionable” techniques lend to the creation of the code of ethics? Four new scenarios were added to allow four primary constructs to be studied as they relate to potential ethical dilemmas that may occur during the conduct of nursing research. How did these “ethically questionable” techniques lead to the creation of the code of ethics? The emergent factors are: I, traditional competitive bargaining; II, attacking an opponent's network; III, misrepresentation/lying; IV, misuse of information; and V, false promises. These codes should be used to guide nurses in clinical practice, as well as their individual research endeavors. to be less sensitive to consumer ethical issues and less idealistic than The results furthermore indicate there is a significant difference in ethical judgment across career stages. moral values. Compared with Israel, employees’ endorsement of ethically questionable negotiation tactics was significantly higher in Kyrgyzstan. Maastricht , The Netherlands : Institute for Research on Intercultural Cooperation . The effect of a monetary incentive in increasing the return rate of a survey to family physicians. A second issue was that some nurses may have responded in a socially desirable manner regarding their perceptions of ethical issues in nursing research. In Study 2, the journal editors (n=10) were asked to complete an on-line survey about the journal's procedures vis à vis abstracts and their own attitudes to a number of issues regarding English abstracts. (1998). A nursing faculty member conducts a national study of leadership roles in long-term care settings. In the past, researchers in psychology used some "ethically questionable" research techniques. Second, that men would demonstrate more assertive behaviours while women would be likely to demonstrate more non-assertive behaviours. How did these “ethically questionable” techniques lend to the creation of the code of ethics? Consistent with resource theory, ‘moderns’ (both earned the same) and ‘innovatives’ (wives earned more than the husbands) had a more egalitarian division of labor in the home and gender-role ideology than ‘conventionals’ (the husbands earned more than the wives).

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