• Full-Time
  • Rutland, VT
  • $924.98 per week USD / Year
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  • December 9, 2022

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City of Rutland Fire Department

November 02, 2022

“Firefighter Position”

The City of Rutland anticipates filling one or more firefighter positions within our department, on or about January 01, 2023. Applications for the above position(s) will be accepted by the Chief Engineer, William Lovett, until the close of business on December 09, 2022. A completed application, resume, and any other pertinent information should be submitted in its entirety, on or before the above stated date, by mail, marked Attn: Chief Lovett, 104 Center Street, Rutland VT, 05701, or by email at  Applications can be picked up at the City of Rutland, Office of the City Clerk, Washington Street, or on the City’s website.

The City of Rutland is an equal opportunity employer.

Applicants will be contacted with information detailing the selection process, after December 09, 2022. A Firefighter 2 written test, oral interview and physical fitness evaluation will be utilized. If any applicants have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact me, after that date at the above listed email.

Respectfully Submitted,

William Lovett, Chief

City of Rutland Fire Department


Posted: November 02, 2022

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City of Rutland Job Description


Position: Fire Fighter II

Classification: Non-Exempt Full-time

Hours per week: 46.6 on average

Bargaining unit status: Unionize Employee

Starting Pay: $ 924.98

Reports to: Chief Engineer, Rutland Fire Department


Under the direct or indirect supervision of the Chief Engineer or a subordinate officer, this job addresses the needs of this community to have a professional Fire Department. Firefighters perform a wide variety of tasks throughout their tour of duty which can include firefighting and rescue, public education and fire prevention, equipment checks and maintenance, operation of power tools, equipment and machinery, drive and operate fire apparatus, and general housekeeping and maintenance of the station and living quarters. They must consistently demonstrate their ability to work well with others in a team environment and perform related tasks and assignments as ordered and required. They are able to communicate respectfully and follow the Chain of Command. Ability to respond to and participate daily as an assigned crew member of an engine or ladder company to emergency and non-emergency incidents, day, night, weekends, and holidays.

Essential Job Functions – Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Must have and maintain a valid State of Vermont motor vehicle driver’s license;

·        Responds to fire alarms and emergency calls with the fire company;

·        Lays and connects hose lines and nozzles, holds fire hoses and directs the streams;

·        Raises and climbs ladders and enters burning buildings when necessary;

·        Perform salvage operations at scenes of fires, such as covering furniture with tarpaulins and cleaning


·        Removes persons from burning buildings, and assists in giving Emergency First Aid treatment to injured


·        Drives and operates motor driven apparatus, machinery, and equipment. Operate a pressure pump;

·        Cleans and maintains firefighting equipment. Repairs fire apparatus on special assignment;

·        Studies and practices new methods of fire prevention and firefighting. Completes all required trainings

mandated by the Department, OSHA, VOSHA, NFPA, ISO and the Vermont Fire Service Training

Council, and obtains certifications when required;

·        Receives and transmit fire alarms;

·        Inspects buildings for fire hazards;

·        Performs miscellaneous clerical work when assigned;

·        Performs maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds;

·        Repairs traffic signals when assigned;

·        Performs duty assignment as directed by the Chief Engineer or other designated officers.


Works under the general direction of the Fire Chief with duties and responsibilities as defined by Vermont statute, the City of Rutland Fire Department Rules and Regulations and standard operating procedures, verbal or written orders and directives.

Heavy physical effort is required to perform duties including situations of personal danger and exposure to all types of weather conditions and hazardous environments; work schedule can be unpredictable.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability

·        Working knowledge of Emergency First Aid

·        Performs hazardous materials mitigation as allowed by his/her training level;

·        Valid Vermont Driver license.

Education and Experience

High School diploma or GED,

Firefighter II accredited certification, candidate will have to secure VT certification prior to being

considered for these positions

Certified to Haz-Mat Operations Level,

Live within 5 miles of the Fire Station, within 365 days of being hired

Physical and Mental Demands

In an atmosphere of background noise, including warning devices of fire, police and EMS, as well

as other audible noises caused by the din of fire ground activities, must be able to understand and give verbal responses and directions, via portable radios, vehicle radios, etc., as well as make judgements based on heat to determine if the fire is extending or traveling through hidden voids in walls.

Work Environment and Conditions

Listed below are examples of physical activities that firefighting personnel perform and the environmental

conditions in which their activities are conducted. This is not a comprehensive listing, only an

indication of some of the job factors:

·        Read small print such as found in the North American Emergency Response Guidebook, commonly

known as an ERG;

·        Bend down to put on boots or pick up equipment from the floor of a vehicle;

·        Carry and utilize heavy equipment, such as self-contained breathing apparatus, commonly known as


·        Climb a ladder during fire operation. work on ladders that may be coated with ice and/or water and

perform duties at heights that may exceed 100 feet;

·        Walk or run on slippery, uneven, and uncertain surfaces, such as roofs;

·        Work in areas where there is danger of ceiling, floors or walls collapsing;

·        Work in areas where there may be exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing substances, magnetic and

electronic fields, PCBs and other hazardous chemicals and smokes;

Work outdoors in inclement and or extreme weather conditions, and work in areas with extreme heat conditions, darkness, or limited visibility.

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