Water Supply: Hydrant Operations


  • When dressing a fire hydrant, a cap should be removed and the hydrant opened to flush debris from the barrel and to test the hydrant for flow and operation.
    • Your body should not be positioned in front of any of the capped outlets in case one of the caps fail.
  • All of the available outlets should be dressed with a appropriate appliances.
  • Open the hydrant slowly and fill the supply line slowly.
  • Preparation of the fill site includes a water source, a valve and supply line.
  • Once the empty water tender arrives at the fill site, the supply line will be connected to the water tender. This can be done through an auxiliary intake valve or direct tank fill valve.
  • Air should be bled from the supply line, then the valve should be opened to commence filling.  The tank level indicator lights will show when the water tank is full. Water will also spill out of the overflow pip which is located under the apparatus.
  • Once the tank is full, the valves should be closed and the supply line drained.


Gloves (Recommended), helmet

hose, hydrant wrench, supply line, fill line