Training Reimbursement: New Recruitment, Retention, and Development Initiative Announced

Training Reimbursement: New Recruitment, Retention, and Development Initiative Announced

The State of New Hampshire has made funding available to support the recruitment, career development,
and retention of emergency response personnel.

Any member employed by a New Hampshire fire department, or a graduate of the New Hampshire Fire
Academy who becomes employed, is eligible to receive full reimbursement for the cost of the academy not
covered by other funding sources.

The entity that paid for the cost is also eligible for reimbursement. Students must have their employer’s approval.

The criteria and procedures for this program have been set by the Career Development, Recruitment and
Retention Program Committee established in RSA 188-F:71. To be eligible for this program a student
must be a current full-time career, part-time, on-call or volunteer member who has successfully completed
a program and obtained certification in these approved courses:

Airport Firefighter
Driver/Operator: All Vehicle
Driver/Operator: Pumping Apparatus
Driver/Operator: Aerial Apparatus
Emergency Medical Responder
Fire & Emergency Services Instructor I
Fire & Emergency Services Instructor II
Fire & Emergency Services Instructor III
Fire Inspector I
Fire Inspector II
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
Firefighter I
Firefighter II
Firefighter I & II (Combined, Recruit School)
Ice Rescue Technician
Rope Rescue Awareness
Rope Rescue Operations
Rope Rescue Technician
Trench Rescue
Confined Space Rescue Technician
Fire Investigator
Hazardous Materials – Operations
Hazardous Materials – Decontamination
Hazardous Materials – Technician
Swiftwater Rescue I
Swiftwater Rescue II
Swiftwater Rescue – Boat Operator

An application for tuition reimbursement and additional information can be found at this link.