Training Grounds Coffeehouse

PPE? Check.
SCBA? Check.
BSI? Check.


What we do

Fresh ideas & unique designs

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Premium Imported Coffee

Our quality of service assessment involves controlling and managing resources by setting priorities for specific types of clients and projects on the system.
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Here, the glass is always half-full

We work with clients from all over the world. We had worked with and serving over 2000 customers and 1000 global companies across 13 countries in the world.

No matter how you’re serving, serve it hot.

It’s the focal point of any firehouse. It powers ambulance crews. Gear gets cleaned. Reports get written. Work gets done.
This is not your average breakroom. It’s not your average café. The Training Grounds Coffeehouse also operates as an informal gathering spot for pop-up meetings, sharing plans; for fanning a spark of an idea.

Bring your team together

Share a new idea. Discuss a new policy. Watch a TED talk on the coffeehouse’s networked HDTV. Visit for team-building, an after-action gathering, rehab, a debriefing or just learn something new from the ever-changing displays on topics such as Signs of Stroke.
Share your dedication to the cause by purchasing academy-branded merchandise. Get your Training Grounds Coffeehouse mug. Fill. Drink. Repeat.

Now Serving Cinema-style Popcorn

We have begun offering movie theater-style popcorn on select days during the week. This lightly salted, buttery treat is bagged in just the right amounts for your enjoyment and to satisfy those cravings during the day. Stop by when you detect the buttery smell of popped goodness filling the Academy hallways and treat yourself to a bag.

Purchase your own Coffee Mug

The TRAINING GROUNDS now offers Coffee Mugs for sale! Get your 11 oz coffee mug in the coffee house with the official Training Grounds Logo proudly displayed for all to see. Mugs are $6.00 a piece OR you can purchase your mug for $8.00 and get the mug and 5 free refills of our fresh hot and delicious coffee. This is a deal that you just can’t beat. You can also get your MUG SHOT taken with your new purchase and posted on our MUG SHOT WALL.
It’s about survival. Office survival.

There’s a chair for you at the Training Grounds Coffeehouse.

"mug shots"