Ice Rescue Technician

Course Description

Ice Rescue Technician is an intense sixteen-hour program featuring a combination of classroom and practical evolutions, held in the classroom as well as on ice and in the water. Course covers awareness, Operations, and Technician level skills to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to safely mitigate an ice rescue incident. Students will be challenged both mentally and physically to complete the objectives and scenarios. This course is designed to meet objectives of NFPA 106 and/or 1670, Chapter 9, to the Technician Level. The course covers topics such as rescuer and team safety, pre-planning, personal protective equipment, patient packaging and recovery, self-rescue, and operation specialized equipment.

While Firefighter II is not a prerequisite for enrollment, completion of this course will offer Firefighter III certification for those who are already certified in Firefighter II.

Course Details




  • Student Medical Release
  • ICS100
  • ICS200
  • Notebook and pen
  • Ice Rescue/Cold Water Rescue Suit (must be in excellent condition, must be Ice/Cold Water Rescue Suit with rubber soled shoe type feet, immersion suit with “Gumby” type feet is not acceptable)
  • Ice Picks
  • Appropriate cold weather clothing – wool or synthetic underwear, balaclava, socks, gloves. Dress in layers. NO COTTON!

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