Swiftwater Rescue Level II

Course Description

Swiftwater Rescue Level II rescue personnel with the knowledge and skills to safely effect a rescue of a victim in a swiftwater/flood rescue environment. This course builds upon prerequisite swiftwater and rope work to expand the students’ capability to size-up a scene and make the correct rescue decision based upon their current capabilities.

This 28-hour course is delivered in three blocks. Blocks are either two afternoon/evening and one day or two evenings (1st block), one afternoon/evening and one day. Block one includes lectures followed by in water level 1 review, low-light swimming and rescue skill development. Block two introduces class III whitewater swimming and rescue skills followed by a low-light search and rescue exercise. Block three focuses on problem solving and advanced rope techniques utilized in the swiftwater/flood rescue.

This course has been independently evaluated to meet the requirements of NFPA 1006 Chapter 12 Swiftwater Rescue Level II and swiftwater needs for FEMA/NIMS swiftwater/flood rescue personnel credentialing.

Course Details




  • Personal Flotation Device (Class V PFD)
  • Gloves (water rescue, SCUBA diving, rope, or extrication)
  • Thermal protection (wet suit or dry suit highly suggested)
  • Water Rescue Boots
  • Helmet (water rescue, kayak, water sport, or climbing) with headlamp

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