Training Grounds Coffeehouse

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF NH DISPLAY - Now Showing in the Coffee House

This display was created to inform  citizens about aspects of New Hampshire’s Indigenous  culture, and to highlight that the Abenaki People and other Indigenous citizens are still here, and we remain active and productive members of society. I would especially like to thank the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum for all their advice and assistance.  I would also like to thank Christopher Rousseau and the New Hampshire Fire Academy for hosting the display.
Madeleine Gosselin Wright, Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe
Chair, Arts and Crafts Committee, New Hampshire Native American Affairs Commission

Fresh Hot Coffee

We brew our coffee first thing in the morning before you arrive and continue brewing though out the day.  Stop in and pour your self a cup of our medium roast ground coffee anytime of the day.  We offer hot water and options for tea and hot chocolate as well if your not a coffee drinker.  Need a little something extra to spice up that cup of Joe?  Well then choose from one of our many flavored syrups and add a splash of delight to your coffee.  What ever your craving, the TRAINING GROUNDS coffeehouse has just what you want to hit the spot and make the day that much more enjoyable at the NH Fire Academy

Movie Theater Style Pop Corn

The TRAINING GROUNDS coffeehouse has begun offering movie theater style popcorn on select days during the week.  This lightly salted buttery treat is bagged in just the right amounts for your enjoyment and to satisfy those cravings during the day.  Stop by when you detect the buttery smell of popped goodness filling the Academy hallways and treat yourself to a bag.

Purchase your own Coffee Mug

The TRAINING GROUNDS now offers Coffee Mugs for sale!  Get your 11 oz coffee mug in the coffee house with the official Training Grounds Logo proudly displayed for all to see.  Mugs are $6.00 a piece OR you can purchase your mug for $8.00 and get the mug and 5 free refills of our fresh hot and delicious coffee.  This is a deal that you just can’t beat.  You can also get your MUG SHOT taken with your new purchase and posted on our MUG SHOT WALL.

Our first MUG SHOT from our first person to make a donation and purchase a TRAINING GROUNDS coffee mug.  Bureau Chief Andy Anderson proudly sports his new coffee mug and there is no doubt that it will get plenty of use over the next several weeks.  Stop by the coffeehouse and pick up yours today while they last!

The flood gates have opened now.  Kathy  Higgins-Doolan has just purchased her mug from the coffeehouse.  Why did she make the donation?  Because she knows that coffeehouse java tastes better in an official TRAINING GROUNDS coffeehouse mug.  There is just no getting around it.

You know the coffee must be good when the chief of planning comes down to the coffeehouse and makes his purchase of an official coffee mug and then pours himself a cup of hot steaming joe.  We may have stole this from another product, but this coffee is MMMMM, MMMM good!

So let me tell you a story of just how good this coffee in the coffeehouse is!  That is what Chief Doherty would say if you ask him about the taste of our fresh brew.  Not even an Inuit Village elder can brew a better cup.  Just ask the chief, he knows.

“JUSTIN” case you had not heard, our coffee is like no other.  It is fresh brewed every morning and you can choose from several different flavor shots to customize it to your personal liking.  What more could you ask for!

As summer leaves us and fall is upon us, its time to stop in at the coffeehouse and warm up with a big mug of java from our dispensary.  Why look who stopped by to do just that.  You know the coffee has to be good.  Its GERRY APPROVED!

You know your coffee has made it to the top when the Director makes her way down to your doorstep and pours herself a cup of JOE in her new Training Grounds Coffee Mug.  No there is no excuse, the word is out, time to get in here and get your MUG and be a part of the CLUB!

You know the coffee is good when even the people from the southwest portion of the state crave the savory taste in the morning.  Just ask Captain Tillson, He is near the Vermont border and the GREEN Mountains don’t have anything on our coffee!