Trauma / Medical Review Committee

The New Hampshire Trauma Medical Review Committee (TMRC) was created by statute to oversee the establishment of the NH Trauma System and to ensure the continuous improvement of the system. The TMRC is made up of physicians and surgeons representing different organizations and specialties, emergency and trauma nurses, representatives from statewide EMS-related organizations and hospitals, and representatives of other entities that play an important role in trauma care and injury prevention.

Trauma conference power point presentations can be DOWNLOADED HERE

These sample polices have been provided by local NH hospitals and can be DOWNLOADED HERE

Concord Hospital Sample Forms

Trauma Activation Plan Concord Hospital
Trauma PI Plan Concord Hospital
Trauma Criteria
Trauma Team Response
Transfer to Level 1 Facility for Trauma
Pediatric Trauma Admissions and Transfer Guidelines Concord Hospital
Neurotrauma Admissions and Transfer Guidelines Concord Hospital
Management of Moderate and Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Concord Hospital
Trauma Admissions and Interservice Transfer of Trauma Patients
Massive Transfusion Concord Hospital

Saint Josephs Hospital Sample Forms

Anticoagulation Reversal Guideline
S-Spine Clearance Guideline
Geriatric Trauma Management Guideline
Helicopter Transport
Interfacility Transfer Guide
Massive transfusion Policy