Funding Opportunities

How to Apply

Applications are currently being accepted for YEAR 3 funding for NH Project FIRST (First responders Initiating Recovery, Support, and Treatment) corresponding with the federal fiscal year ending in September of 2020.  NH Project FIRST is a grant funded through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) First Responder Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (FR-CARA). We are currently in the second year of this grant. This program is 100% federally funded.

Eligibility is open to NH first responders in all local and state governmental entities in rural communities which includes, but is not limited to, state agencies and branches, municipal corporations, counties, cities, boroughs, incorporated towns, and townships. Non-governmental organizations should contact the program staff to determine eligibility.

Funding for NH Project FIRST is awarded on an annual basis for the duration of the Division’s FR-CARA grant.