Emergency Medical Technician (Allenstown)

FireMed-Allenstown FD 1 Ferry St, Allenstown, United States

The FireMed EMT course is designed to prepare the student for the evolving EMS profession. The course is for entrance into the field of pre-hospital medicine with the basic principals of human physiology, pathophysiology, and the importance of the EMT in the field. The student will be instructed in the subjects to include operations, leadership, proficiency in the areas of patient and crew communication, patient assessment, on scene interaction with family and bystanders, and an understanding of how to make decisions and back up those decisions with evidence informed education. The EMT is the cornerstone of pre-hospital healthcare. Regardless of where the student takes their career the FireMed EMT class will explain how a proper detailed assessment can have more value than any ALS procedure or medication. This class will give the student a solid foundation to be a field clinician. This is a student centered course with policies and procedures in place for the student to succeed. Your success is our success. Come join us.