Emergency Medical Responder (Pittsburg)

Pittsburg Fire Department 1684 North Main Street, Pittsburg, NH

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Course Description: The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course prepares the student to provide prehospital assessment and care for patients of all ages with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries. The satisfactory completion of this course prepares the candidate to test for certification at the EMR level with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). The EMR certification is required in order to apply for licensure as a State of New Hampshire Emergency Medical Responder. Cost To Student: There is no cost for this program as it is 100% grant-funded. This includes all textbook, audiobook, quizzes, online lectures, skills sessions, and study materials as well as the State BLS Psychomotor Exam. Prerequisites: Current BLS CPR for Health Care Providers must remain current through testing. All students must complete ICS 100, NIMS 700, AWR 160 and Hazardous Materials Awareness before the completion of this course. Previous certifications (version A or later) will be accepted.