Aircraft Rescue Training Facility

Aircraft Rescue Training Facility

The Aircraft Rescue Training Facility occupies 8 acres beside the Richard M. Flynn Training Facility in Concord. This specialized facility, the only in New England, provides scenario-based training for 250 re-certifications annually as well as other training opportunities for personnel serving airports of all sizes.

Training Props
Gallons of LP

This facility features two training props. The Special Aircraft Fire Trainer (SAFT), is to train firefighters on engine, brake/wheel, and fuselage/cabin fires. The Fuel Spill Trainer (FST) is used to simulate aircraft fuel fires outside of an aircraft fuselage. These props are fueled by a 30,000 gallon liquid propane tank, and the the computer-controlled system can can burn up to 500 gallons of liquid petroleum per minute while in use.

In training, Firefighters at this facility use both hand lines and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicles to combat fires in controlled situations.

Agencies requesting classes at this facility receive customized programming in order to meet each agency’s requirements.