Exercise: Band Pull / Body Row


Regardless of the equipment that may be available, firefighters must train the pulling motion for a couple of reasons.  One is to strengthen the back and core muscles to counteract the effects of wearing gear and SCBA.  Another reason is to condition the pulling chain that consists of the forearm, biceps and back muscles that are useful in pulling motions such as pulling hoselines, work during rope rescue or even rescuing downed firefighters.

Body Row with suspension trainer:  Stand with your feet flat on ground with your arms bent and handles at chest.  Slowly lower your body by straightening your arms and raising onto your heels while keeping your body in a straight line.  Be sure to tighten your core muscles to ensure effectiveness.

Inhale as you lower yourself to a 45degree angle to the floor, pause briefly, then pull your body towards the anchor as you exhale.  Stop when your handles are at the chest.  Keep toes pointed upward using heels as the pivot point.  Repeat for a selected number of reps.

Band Pulls: Attach a band to a secure anchor point, or, have a partner hold the middle of the band.  Walk backwards until your arms are straight and there is slight tension on the band.  With your feet spread apart at hip width, inhale and pull the band until the handles are in front of or even with chest.  Exhale as you pull.  Pause briefly.  Return to the starting position as you inhale and repeat for a selected number of reps.


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