Exercise: Deadlift


The deadlift exercise is a total body exercise with a focus on the legs and hips.  It also trains your grip, core stability, and upper back muscles.  This exercise can help firefighters prepare for the demand of lifting patients or heavy, bulky equipment.

Start with feet hip-width apart.  If using a barbell, it should start on the ground with bar touching mid-shin level.  Your back should be at a 45 degree angle to the floor.

Inhale and push into the ground through feet so the knees and hips extend as you ascend.  Keep your elbows extended and allow the barbell to travel close to your body.  Keep your back in a neutral position and make sure your hips and shoulders rise at the same pace.  Continue until your torso is perpendicular to ground and the barbell is at mid-thigh.  Exhale through pursed lips as you ascend.

Return to the starting position by flexing your hips (sit backward), knees and shoulders while keeping your elbows extended and allowing the barbell to travel close to your body.  Descend until the weights are on the floor.  Keep your head up with your eyes at or slightly above the horizon.