Exercise: Hip Hinge


The hip hinge is an excellent exercise to help strengthen and develop the hamstrings, glutes, and low back muscles, also known as the posterior chain.  Training with this movement is important to prevent injuries to the lower back as well as to maintain good postural muscles to counteract the effects of sitting too much.

You’ll be using dumbbells for this exercise. Start with your feet about hip-width apart.  Knees should be slightly flexed and back in a neutral position.  As you begin the exercise, flex your hips (sit backward) and your shoulders while keeping your elbows extended, allowing the dumbbells to travel down close to your legs.  Keep your back in a neutral position.  Descend as far as the flexibility of your hamstrings allow.  Stop the descent before your back rounds or you feel a loss in posture.

To ascend, extend your hips and bring your pelvis forward toward the dumbbells. Continue until you reach the starting position while your knees stay slightly flexed.