Exercise: Overhead Press


The overhead press is an excellent choice for developing strength and stability for overhead pushing movements such, as ladder throws or for a ceiling breach during overhaul.  The overhead press will stress the shoulders and tricep muscles and can be performed in many variations.

Start by placing a barbell, or dumbbells, in front of your shoulders.  Your elbows should be flexed and directly underneath the bar with your palms facing forward.  Your feet should be shoulder-width or slightly wider with your knees slightly bent.

Inhale, press your feet into the ground and extend your elbows and shoulders to press the barbell or dumbbells upward until elbows are fully extended.  Be careful to avoid hitting your chin. Exhale as you push the weight upward.

To descend, flex your elbows so the weight travels downward until it returns to the starting position.  Inhale as you descend and repeat.


dumbbells, barbell