Hose: Flat Load Deployment


  1. Grab the nozzle
  2. Slide your arm through the drag
  3. Grasp the drop loop
  4. Pull the hose load until it clears the hose bed of the engine.
  5. Drop the drop loop when you feel tension.
  6. Walk to within approximately 20 feet of your destination. Grab the nozzle with the hand closest to the nozzle. Using your other hand, grab the approximate center of the hose that is on your shoulder.
  7. To offload the hose from your shoulder, lean towards that side allowing the hose to drop to the ground. Spread your arms apart while holding the hose and nozzle and continue walking towards your destination.
  8. Arrange the hose by “flaking” so that the hose line does not cross over itself.
  9. Your goal should be to have the coupling for the first 50 feet, and the nozzle, at the point of entry.


Gloves (Recommended)