Hose: Minuteman Load


  1. Connect the first 50-foot length of hose to the proper discharge.
  2. Connect an additional 50’ length to the first length.
  3. Flat load these two lengths, leaving a grab loop just shy of 50 feet.
  4. Finish by moving the last tail of hose out of the way.
  5. Join two additional 50’ lengths of hose, creating a 100-ft length.
  6. Place a nozzle on the male end.
  7. Place the nozzle on top of the previously loaded lengths of hose, facing toward the direction of pull.
  8. Flat load the rest of the 100-ft length on top.
  9. Once all of the second 100-ft length of hose is loaded, connect the female coupling to the male coupling from the first length.


Gloves (Recommended), helmet